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ECAMS have formally accredited over 1500 doctors spanning across all aspects of aesthetic practice and surgery.

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Learn from highly established and dedicated experts in the field known for their illustrious career and stunning results.

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Be recognized and formally certified by ECAMS, a world-leading institute in Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery.

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The (ECAMS) European College of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery is one of the world’s leading training institutes in aesthetic medicine and surgery. The College was founded by dedicated worldwide surgeons and physicians with one simple aim: to bring to doctors all over the world an education and training experience that allows them to incorporate aesthetic procedures, techniques, products and technologies into their everyday practice and be recognized themselves as leaders in the exciting field of aesthetic medicine and surgery.

ECAMS holds courses throughout the world for doctors of all specialties, who learn directly from senior ECAMS faculty to ensure the highest level of training. From Foundation building, Essentials to Advanced courses lead to ECAMS Certification. Online didactic theory courses, hands-on cadaveric surgical training and live models practical training, and weighted examination both on theory and practical allow doctors to learn techniques such as  surgical and non-surgical procedures covering areas from hair to toe.

Successful completion of ECAMS hands-on certification and fellowship enables a doctor practicing aesthetic medicine and surgery to stand out from his or her peers and be recognized as a leader in the field. Certified doctors also have access to senior ECAMS faculty for follow-up advice and mentoring following all courses. This collegiate support and mentoring ensures physicians and surgeons practice aesthetic medicine and surgery to the highest possible standards and are only available through the European College of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery.

A World-leading institution in Aesthetic Education​



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Our college are proud to announce we have achieved several awards and accreditation such as ‘Provider of Training Excellence’, ‘Top 100 healthcare leader’, ‘Business All-Star’, ‘CPD & CME accredited courses” and ‘Training support of the Year’.

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Aesthetic Education Programmes

🎓 Bitesize online courses
🎓 Hands on training programmes
🎓 Clinical Mentoring
🎓 Fellowship programmes
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Our Faculties

Learn from world renowned experts who are international leaders in the field of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery. Imparting critical knowledge, skills and mentoring you as we journey together towards excellence.

Progressive & Didactic Learning

Extensive and in-depth theoretical study. From the detailed anatomy to the procedural techniques, we teach you the fundamentals and essentials you need. Setting a solid foundation for future advancement and mastery. Acquire critical knowledge and the required vigour needed in your aesthetic training.

Experiential Hands-on sessions

Intensive yet comprehensive hands-on training for skill mastery. Work alongside with our experts and master the procedure to perfection. Receive practical and constructive assessment and feedback that you can put to practice immediately. Perform aesthetic procedure with confidence!

Expertise & Dedication

All our trainers are dedicated surgeons, recognized internationally for their expertise and achievement. Through ECAMS unique teaching pedagogy we have successfully trained and mentored doctors worldwide who are now established key leaders in the industry. Find out their secret to lasting and effective results!

Internationally recognized accreditation

Delivering the highest standard of learning and development. All ECAMS courses are CME/CPD accredited, providing you with the vigour and comprehensive aesthetic trainings to ensure your upmost competency and and professional development in aesthetic practice.

What Doctors Say


Hear from our doctors who have attended our courses

Best educational course! Knowledge is wide and credentials impeccable.

Best educational course I have attended. Dr. Paul is a true expert of years of experience. His knowledge is wide and credentials impeccable. What was most impressive was his teaching style, very down to earth and easy to understood. I learned two techniques that will change my practice forever: 1) dilators 2) hydrodisseting thesmas I loved the ECAMS model and hope to someday become a Fellow.

Dr. Arnold Almonte / USA

M17 Face & Neck Lifting Techniques

I enjoyed the lectures very much!

I enjoyed the Dr Steven Cohen BITESIZE lectures very much. Thank you.

Dr. Elizabeth Whitaker


Thank you so much for your great BITESIZE course!

Jani BITESIZE course on periorbital rejuvenation was very inspiring, so the others are of course worth waiting for.

Dr. Stephan Günther

Aesthetic doctor, Germany

Thanks for the video training that was very interesting and useful on daily practice.

Dear Professor Alberto Di Giuseppe, Thanks for the video training that was very interesting and useful on daily practice. Thanks for your excellent presentation! Very well presented! I am also happy to attend the hand-on course in November. The Vaser Arms is very well detailed. I really like your concept of treating the thigh as whole unit ( 360 degrees) and i.e. the anterior thigh approach. I am currently performing Vaser liposuction including HD but I am happy to take your modules in order to learn from your great experience and receive your tips in more specific areas of the body such as thighs, buttocks, arms, chin. I am also happy to attend the hand-on course in November (hopefully if the situation of Cov-19 is getting better).

Dr. Giuseppe Fiore

Aesthetic Surgeon, Italy

Very useful, I feel confident after studying and applying to my practice

I feel impressed to attend the liposuction course in Bologna. I think this course provides the useful information for liposuction and fat grafting. I feel confident after studying VASER and fat transfer to my practice. Thank you so much for ECAMS for arranging this course.

Dr Wutinam Sithipolvanichgul


"fantastic and amazing course"

"I really enjoyed to be here and to be part of this really fantastic and amazing course. I really recommend to come here to hear lectures, see the patients and do the procedures by yourself.This is the best experience you can ever have."

Dr.Jann Voltmann

Maxilofacial Surgeon, Germany

The modules you did were really interesting

Hi Pyn, the modules you did were really interesting, I think too many doctors are the "heroes" of their practice!

Dr. Robert Berry

Cosmetic Surgeon, UK

The absolute BEST feature of ECAMS is the mentorship!

Hi Pyn, I just wanted to say how the absolute BEST feature of ECAMS is the mentorship! I just had a great 30 minutes conversation with Malcolm about a patient problem. As a surgeon, it is easy to feel like you're on an island all by yourself.So it is nice to be able to pick up the phone and call someone who's been there done that and can understand what you're going through as well as offer practical advice. That wouldn't have happened before Verona. So bravo ECAMS! Can't wait till the next Bleph course. I will be there, hopefully travel will be permitted! Anyway, just thought I'd share that. Stay strong and safe. You're the best Pyn!

Dr. Arnold Almonte (8 months later)

Surgeon USA

The course was excellent!

The course was excellent. The facility was gorgeous, convenient and well-maintained. The catering was delicious. The faculty seemed to be doing every effort to teach, train and confirm understanding, all in a very pleasant and encouraging atmosphere.


M21 Master Course in Non-Facial Transformation & Advanced cadaver anatomy

The Course was inspiring and Wonderful!

The Course was inspiring and Wonderful 💕 I really enjoyed and learnt alot. Jani, Nabila, Dolly, Job and Danilo were the best ❤️ Great, successful organization.

Dr. Rehab Alharbi

M21 Master Course in Non-surgical facial transformation & advanced cadaver anatomy

amazing course, amazing team!!!

I would have taken a third day of training: half theory on fillers and half injecting on live patients. Overall: amazing course, amazing team!!! Thank you.

Dr. Guy Chamberland / Canada

M21 Master Course in non-facial transformation & advanced facial cadaver anatomy

ECAMS is a life changing experience!

ECAMS is a life changing experience. I felt lucky to meet colleagues from all around the world & even lucky to learn from these faculties: they were generous, caring, and their knowledge was such a high level! What I learned literally changed my approach to my patients, and my patients are much more satisfied! I definitely highly recommend this ECAMS Module 21! Special thanks to Job, Nabila, Danilo, Dolly and the master Jani

Dr. Marie Eugene C./Switzerland

M21 Master Course non-surgical facial transformation & Advanced facial cadaver anatomy

This is a helpful course with lot of information

BITESIZE Online M13a-1: Essentials in breast augmentation with implants. This is a helpful course with lot of information. Though I enrolled in this course only for a review and to try the bitesite modules. The professor, Dr. Alberto Di. Giuseppe is great.

Dr. Khiem Lai/USA

Plastic Surgeon

Meet our Head of Department


ECAMS Faculty

  • Highly established world-renowned experts with outstanding credentials and qualifications. Learn from them as they impart the critical knowledge and skills you need in order to excel.

  • Leaders in their own field. Not just generalists or specialists, our trainers are dedicated aesthetic doctors with years of experience.

  • Proven teaching pedagogy Delivering the highest quality of education is the core of ECAMS. We have trained and mentored physicians from all over the world who have established themselves as leaders in the field of aesthetic medicine. Moreover, we have also developed and nurtured physicians and are currently running a successful aesthetic clinic globally.

Together, ECAMS faculty have collectively written and presented thousands of papers and books in aesthetic medicine presented worldwide. Through in-depth theoretical study, step-by-step hands-on training and clinical mentoring, trainees work hand in hand with our faculty. With guidance and direct support, we teach, train, and prepare every doctor as they embark on their journey towards excellence. Achieving and maximizing results for their patients.

Dr. Malcolm Paul
Head of Facial Surgery
Dr. Jani Van Loghem
Head of Aesthetic Medicine
Dr. Pablo Gonzalez
Head of Aesthetic Gynaecology
Dr. Christian Bisanga
Head of Hair Restoration Surgery
Pyn Lim
Head of Innovation

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