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5 days Total Immersion Programme in Aesthetic Medicine

Cadaveric dissection and live models. Basic Injectables, Advanced Full Face Injections, Complication Management And Architectural Contouring
5, 6-7, 8-9 Sep 2024
Cremona, Italy

7 days Total Immersion Programme in Facial Surgery

Cadaveric dissection and live models.
Blepharoplasty, Facelift, Necklift, Liplift, Browlift, Buccal Fat Removal, Chin Augmentation, Full Facial Fat Grafting
6, 7, 8-9, 9-10, 11-12 Nov 2024
Verona, Milan - Italy

30% off till 30Sep 2024

FUE and Regenerative Hair
7-8 Dec 2024
Cremona, Italy

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The modules were really interesting!
Dr Robert Berry, Cosmetic Surgeon. UK.
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Hi Pyn, the modules you did were really interesting, I think too many doctors are the "heroes" of their practice.
Absolutely the BEST feature of ECAMS in the mentorship!Dr Arnold Almonte, Plastic Surgeon. USA.
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This is 8 months after attending ECAMS course and mentorship. Hi Pyn, I just wanted to say how the absolute BEST feature of ECAMS is the mentorship! I just had a great 30 minutes conversation with my mentor in ECAMS about a patient problem. As a surgeon, it is easy to feel like you are on an island all by yourself. So it is nice to be able to pick up the phone and call someone who's been there and done that and can understand what you are going through as well as offer practical advice. That wouldn't have happened before I joined ECAMS. Bravo ECAMS! Can't wait till the next course and for travel to be permitted! Thought I'd share! Stay strong and safe! You are the best Pyn!
The course was fantastic!
Delegate of M21 Master course in non-surgical facial transformation
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The course was excellent! Fantastic! The facility was gorgeous, convenient and well-maintained. The catering was delicious too! The faculty was doing every effort to teach, train and confirm our understanding. All in all, it was a very pleasant and encouraging atmosphere.
Such an inspiring course! Wonderful!
Dr Rehab Alharbi, M21 Master course in non-surgical facial transformation.
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The course was inspiring and wonderful! I really enjoyed every minute of it and have definitely learned a lot! The faculty was amazing! A great and successful organization!
Amazing course, amazing team!
Dr Guy Chamberland, Canada. M21 Master course in non-surgical facial transformation.
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I would have taken the third day of training if there will be! It was overall an amazing course, an amazing team! Thank you ECAMS!
ECAMS is a life-changing experience!
Dr Marie Eugene C, Switzerland. M21 Master course in non-surgical facial transformation
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ECAMS is a life-changing experience! I felt lucky to meet colleagues from all around the world and even lucky to have come across ECAMS. Learning from their faculty who were so gorgeous, their knowledge was such high level and what I learned literally changed my approach to my patients. My patients are much more satisfied and I definitely recommend coming to ECAMS courses! Special thanks to the faculty!
It was very helpful with lots of information
Dr Khiem Lai, USA.
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I had enrolled on the bitesize online theory and it was great! The course was very insightful and helpful with a lot of information.
Very insightful
Dr Rita Kappel, Plastic Surgeon. Netherlands. M18D Master course in aesthetic genital surgery, M11B Master course in advanced liposuction
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Thanks to a very insightful course I did with ECAMS. I was happy to follow one of their largest online course too. The subject was aesthetic gynaecology, a refreshing course for me. It was a clear presentation, supported by slides and operation videos. The support I received from ECAMS was prompt, friendly and with patience. The quality of the course was good. Online courses are a great way to stay on top of things and I can't wait for the next hands-on course.
Best educational course. Knowledge is wide and credentials were impeccable!
Dr Arnold Almonte, USA. M17 Face and neck lift techniques
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Truly the best educational course I have ever attended in my practice. The faculty is a true expert with years of experience. His knowledge is wide and his credentials impeccable. What was most impressive was his teaching style. Very down to earth and easy to understand. I learned two techniques that will change my practice forever 1) Dilators and 2) Hydrdisseting thesis. I love the ECAMS model and hope to someday become an ECAMS Fellow!
I enjoyed the lectures very much!
Dr Elizabeth Whitaker
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I enjoyed the bitesize lectures very much! Thank you ECAMS.
Thank you for the great bitesize course!Dr Stephan Gunther, Aesthetic Doctor. Germany.
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The bitesize course was very inspiring and so the other courses and series are truly worth the wait!
Very interesting and useful for my daily practice!
Dr Giuseppe Fiore
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Thank you for the lectures and hands-on training! It was very interesting and useful even for my daily practice. The lectures were very well presented and hands-on for VASER arms was very detailed. I really love your concept of treating the thigh as a whole unit (360 degrees) and i.e the anterior thigh approach. I am currently performing VASER liposuction including HD. Thank you for all your teaching and it was really a great experience. I've received tips in more specific areas of the body and I can't wait to learn more from the next ECAMS course!
I feel more confident after training and can now apply my knowledge!
Dr Wutinam Sithipolvanihgul
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I am impressed! Attending the liposuction course was fantastic. It provided lots of useful information for liposuction and fat grafting. I feel confident after the training and can now apply what I've learned to my practice. Thank you ECAMS for such an amazing course!
Great, fantastic course!
Dr Jann Voltmann, Maxilofacial Surgeon. Germany.
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I really enjoy being here and to be part of this really fantastic and amazing course. I really recommend every doctor who wants to be better to attend ECAMS course. The lectures, hands-on training and being able to do the procedures yourself. This is truly the best experience you can ever have.