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Being “Busy” does not equate to productivity.

Being productive can mean working on your current project efficiently but it does include giving your mind the rest it needs and recover after being exhausted. Because these can get you less engaged and burnt out in the longer term.

Use a different skill than you are during the week.
Changing the type of activity engaged in can get you recharged. Boosting both your levels of enjoyment and productivity. This is because the change can get neurons firing, making different associations which helps you look at things from a new perspective.

Catch up on sleep and give your mind a break.
It is okay to say, ” I need a break “. Sleep in just 1-2 hours later than you would during the week and get the rest you need. Wake up feeling rested and satisfied. 9 out of 10 workers feel that getting time off has boosted their happiness and are able to get back to work more effectively!

Hone a skill for the job you want.
While you rest, pop in a few hours over the weekend to learn new skills and knowledge. Learning a new skill or diving deeper into an area of specialisation will take you further and beyond.

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