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Our Vision

At the European College of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (ECAMS), we are dedicated to excellence in medical aesthetic education and aspire to become the global leader in setting standards, enhancing safety, and improving patient care in aesthetic medicine and surgery. We strive to serve as a regulatory body, fostering practices that are founded on scientific evidence and guided by the highest ethical standards. Our curriculum, designed by world-renowned experts, provides a structured, progressive learning experience from fundamental principles to specialize techniques. By focusing on superior patient outcomes and ethical practice, we not only enhance the quality of medical services but also naturally contribute to the professional growth and recognition of doctors. Our commitment is to educate, minimize complications, and elevate patient outcomes, thereby setting new benchmarks in the industry.

At ECAMS, we are more than a leading medical aesthetics school; we are pioneers in the global medical aesthetic industry. We connect diverse disciplines, cultures, innovations, and dreams, driving the future of medical aesthetics forward. Our mission is to connect the world by providing not just knowledge, but by challenging thinking and accelerating patient results. We do more than educate; we mold leaders who pioneer change, empowering doctors to revolutionize aesthetic medicine and surgery. Beyond education, we are about transformation and impact. This is ECAMS—shaping the future and transforming the medical aesthetics industry.

Our Mission

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Our Community

The ECAMS community is a dynamic support system designed to foster ongoing connection and collaboration among doctors who have attended our hands-on training programs. Our purpose is to create a structured network where medical professionals can stay connected with us and each other, ensuring continuous growth and development.

In the ECAMS community, doctors can access expert advice promptly, exchange valuable information, and learn from one another’s experiences. This environment of mutual support enables members to share insights, address challenges, and collectively advance their skills in aesthetic medicine and surgery. By staying connected, we grow together, pushing the boundaries of excellence and innovation in our field.

Partnership & Innovation

At ECAMS, we are dedicated to fostering partnership and innovation in the field of aesthetic medicine. We actively welcome ideas for creating and launching new techniques, instruments, and innovative business ventures. Our commitment to innovation is reflected in our openness to inquiries about research projects with industry, providing support to start-up companies, and having the latest techniques available for teaching.

We collaborate with industry leaders and innovators to help turn new medical instrument inventions into practical applications used worldwide. Our goal is to bridge the gap between groundbreaking ideas and real-world practice, ensuring that the latest advancements in aesthetic medicine are accessible to practitioners globally. By supporting research and development, we strive to drive the future of medical aesthetics, continually enhancing the quality and effectiveness of patient care.

Whether you are an industry professional with a pioneering idea, a start-up seeking guidance, or a researcher looking for collaboration, ECAMS is the ideal partner to help bring your innovations to life.