Our Vision

The European College of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (ECAMS) founded by Pyn Lim aims to deliver and provide gold standards of high-quality hands-on training to medical doctors looking to offer a wide range of aesthetic procedures. Through excellent curriculum design and delivery set by world leaders and industry experts, progressive learning ensures a thorough learning pathway. Every course offers training at a basic level, moving on to more advanced and eventually to additional courses for those working at a higher skill level so that doctors can continue developing and honing their craft in aesthetics.

How and Why it started?

Aesthetic practice isn’t new, but the ongoing need for an urgent call for quality standards persists. This had dawned on our founder, Pyn Lim way back in the early years when she began her aesthetics career.

“Anybody can be treating anybody” – the requirement for setting up a clinic was so easy. Finding well-trained doctors was almost impossible. At that time, doctors were simply going to conferences and observing on-stage procedures and video meant that they could just head back and begin injecting patients. Further, the standards of training were so informal that sometimes, training could simply be ‘conducted’ by the manufacturers of the surgical equipment. Realising that the scale of this lack of regulation could put patients at great risk, Pyn was strongly motivated with a deep passion to ensure that it does not happen.


“That’s where ECAMS was born!”

Conceptualised in 2005

We were on a mission to the gold standards in aesthetic training, making aesthetic education relevant to every doctor. To prepare, train and support every doctor to reach their fullest potential. Setting them up for success and developing world leaders in the aesthetic industry while creating a safer and brighter world for patients.

2008 to 2009

Pitched our idea to world-renowned faculties, expert in their specialised field who had the same mission and vision as ECAMS. 


Our team worked extremely hard to bring together the world’s best faculties,  design and develop our curriculum and unique teaching pedagogy because we wanted to ensure every doctor who attends learns and meets their learning objective. In 2010, we conducted and successfully certified our doctors in our hands-on master’s course in a liposuction procedure.

Gold standards and beyond

Our knowledge and experience gave us a competitive edge to expand our accredited training courses and programmes. We commenced our full study pathway for aspiring doctors – ECAMS fellowship programme and formalisation of ECAMS departments.

Today, we are an established world-leading training institute for aesthetic medicine and surgery. With over 90 different courses, 24 world-renowned faculty, a unique learning experience, the largest growing network of alumni and members as well as the only institute that supports and provides career development and business opportunities for all our doctors. The story never stops and as the team continues to strive, we raise our standards with every course. Bring better, bigger and greater learning to doctors all around the world.

ECAMS Departments

Aesthetic Breast Surgery
Aesthetic Body Contouring
Aesthetic Facial Surgery
Aesthetic Genital Rejuvenation
Aesthetic Medicine
Hair Transplantation