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5, 6-7, 8-9 September 2024  (Cremona-Italy)

Basic, Advanced Full Face Approach, Complication Management

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Mastering Injectable Techniques

Comprehensive 5-Day Full Immersion

• Anatomy Cadaveric Dissection and Live Model
• Evidence-Based
• Hands-On Training for Medical Doctor

This intensive 5-day bootcamp is designed for medical professionals aiming to master both basic and advanced injectable techniques in aesthetic medicine. The program combines didactic lectures, in-depth advanced anatomy learning, hands-on practice with live models, and cadaveric dissections to ensure a thorough understanding and proficiency in aesthetic injections. We keep our training group small with a ratio of 4-5 participants to 1 faculty or 1 cadaver specimen.

Day 1 (M1): Foundational Injectables Training

• Introduction to Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers
• Injection Areas: Forehead, Cheeks, Lips, 3 areas botulinum toxins
• Hands-on practice on real patients

Day 2 (M21): Facial Anatomy Cadaveric Dissection On Advanced Injections Techniques.

• Didactic Lecture and hands-on cadaveric dissection on Advanced Facial Anatomy
• Introduction to Needles and Cannulas
• Layer-by-Layer Anatomy
• Understanding Injection Techniques for Tricky Areas: Nose, Forehead, Temples
• Complication Avoidance Strategies
• Use of Colored Dye Injections
• Faculty-Guided Dissections to Ensure Correct Layer Placement
• Advanced Layering Injection Techniques

Day 3 (M21): Hands-On Training On Real Patients In Non-Surgical Facial Transformation

• Review of Advanced Techniques and Anatomy
• Discussion and Diagnosis using Real Patients
• Planning and Strategy for Full Face Injections with Faculty Supervision
• Real-Time Feedback and Technique Adjustment
• Patient Interaction and Consultation Skills
• Emphasis on Science-Based Approach and Techniques

Day 4 (M23a): Complication Management with Cadaveric Dissection

• Didactic Lecture on Complication Detection and Management
• Introduction to ECAMS Emergency Kit
• Protocols for Early and Late Complication
• Treatments Strategies for Complication Avoidance
• Cadaver Lab Simulation of Complications
• Practice of Injection Techniques in Danger Zones To Simulate Complication
• Retrobulbar Injection Techniques

Day 5 (M23a): Architectural Contouring with Real Patients

• Workshop with Professional Makeup Artist to Understanding Highlights, Concealing, and Lighting for Natural Makeup on 1 side
• Faculty Demonstration of Injectable Techniques for Aesthetic Enhancement on the other side
• Breakout Sessions for Hands-on Practice
• Application of New Aesthetic Techniques on Real Patients
• Developing an Aesthetic Eye and Determining the Right Amount of Injection

  • Evidence-Based Learning: Our curriculum is grounded in the latest scientific research and clinical evidence, ensuring that you receive the most up-to-date and reliable information.
  • Unbiased Training: We are committed to providing unbiased education, free from product endorsements, allowing you to make informed decisions based on evidence and best practices.
  • Hands-On Experience: This is not just a course where you observe or watch how to inject. You will actively participate in injecting, touching, and feeling the techniques, gaining real, practical experience.
  • Expert Faculty: Learn from experienced practitioners and educators who are leaders in the field of aesthetic medicine.
  • Small Group: 4-5 participants to 1 faculty and 1 cadaver specimen
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Cremona, located in Italy's Lombardy region, has been the world capital of violin making for six centuries

The Facility

Palazzo Trecchi was built in 1496 with the aim of becoming the residence of Marquis Trecchi. During the 19th century, Palazzo Trecchi underwent a massive refurbishment, which confered the palais the aspect we can nowadays admire: Neo-Gothic adornments, graceful columns, valuable painted ceilings.

The breathtaking setting of Palazzo Trecchi is the perfect location for our aesthetic medicine hands-on training. It has the newly built advanced modern lab with high quality cadaver specimens. 

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