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A global recognition programme that puts the very best aesthetic doctors, clinics, products and devices in the spotlight. Be at the forefront of the industry and illustrate the true value of your business. Be recognized and gain more trust and credibility than ever before.

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The mark of excellence

Aesthrix Star is a global recognition programme that put the very best aesthetic clinics in the spotlight. Be at the forefront of the industry and illustrate the value you provide to patients.

The symbol of trust for your patients - being overwhelmed with information, patients are looking out for only the best clinics whom they can trust. Not just based on tons of advertising but authenticity and credibility when it comes to choosing their aesthetic provider.

We celebrate your achievement and the success of your hard work and position you as the best-in-class that builds the trust, credibility and prestige that you can ever do on your own. Showcase your work, elevate your specialty and raise your credibility in the aesthetic field.

Business growth opportunities - gain more exposure, open your doors an access larger market and get a higher return on investment than ever before!

Benefits of being star-rated

For you

  • Recognition of your achievement in aesthetic medicine & surgery.
  • Excellent acknowledgment of your hard work, commitment, and contribution in the aesthetic landscape.

For patients

  • Gives patients the assurance and confidence of your practice.
  • Builds credibility and enhances patient relationships.

For business

  • Inspire pride and positions a best-in-class image for your business.
  • Differentiates you from competitors.
  • Enhances national and global awareness of your brand.

2021 Star-rated registration is now open

Who is it for?

Star-rated registration is open to all doctors, clinic, product/device companies that are in the aesthetic and wellness industry. Open to all sizes and industry categories.

The Star-rating Process

REGISTRATION – Interested doctors, clinics, product/device companies will register with the Accrediting Body. The Accrediting Body commences its preliminary analysis on each applicant to determine their suitability.

1st Interview – Applications that have successfully passed the preliminary round are passed onto a member of the panel and will be invited for their first round of phone interview. After the interview, applicants will know how they have scored and will be required to submit supporting documents in order to proceed.

Further Review & Checks – Further scrutiny, reference checks, and reviews will be conducted. The applicant must achieve enough points and payment to be made in order to complete their final round.

Final Interview – our panel will contact applicants for their final interview and result of their performance.

Formal Accreditation – Successful applications will finally receive their confirmation of accreditation, their results and ratings. 

Adjudication panel

A global body that is responsible in identifying and accrediting doctors, clinics, product/device businesses that are in the aesthetic and wellness industry. It firmly believes in sourcing for the best-in-class businesses where patients can go to with confidence and trust in the treatment they receive.

The body enhances and provides a national and global gateway by promoting accredited doctors, clinics, products/devices to patients all over the world. Giving them a peace of mind and reassures businesses commitment and patient centricity as the key driver to ensure quality and safety.

Helmed by the European College of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery and supported by a panel of industry experts.

Streamlined process & increase efficiency

Gain patients trust & recognition

Breakthrough obstacles

Access to bigger markets & opportunities

Improve & encourage a stronger work culture

ECAMS global leading institute of excellence in aesthetic medicine and surgery training since 2008.

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