"All about Stem-cell-based therapy"

with Prof Massimiliano Brambilla.
Head of Regenerative Medicine.

31 May 2023, Wednesday.
8.00PM (GMT+2 Italy Time)

Prof Massimiliano Brambilla

Prof Massimiliano Brambilla

Head of Department, Regenerative Medicine.

Discover the Hows & Whys of Stem-cell-based therapy.

If you are wondering...
What exactly is stem-cell-based therapy?
What kit or tools should I be using?
How can I ensure fat survival?
How can I maximise my outcomes in various circumstances?

This is what you need to know! Join our Head of Department, Prof Massimiliano Brambilla with more than a decade of experience! He will share with you the what you need to know in order to enhance your results.

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