At the European College of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery (ECAMS), 
we take pride in our commitment to excellence, innovation, and continuous advancement in the field of aesthetic medicine and surgery.

ECAMS collaborates closely with a global network of scientific societies, working together to provide specialised expertise for sessions related to their respective fields. These partnerships guarantee educational content that suits an international audience while fostering reciprocal growth in influence and outreach.

Our strategic partnerships are at the heart of ECAMS’s mission to shape the future of aesthetic medicine. These invaluable collaborations empower our members to excel in their careers, ensuring the highest standards of patient care, and advancing the practice of aesthetic medicine. Join us in our journey to elevate aesthetic medicine together with our esteemed partners. Together, we drive innovation and excellence in the field, benefitting both professionals and patients worldwide.

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IMCAS is a prestigious organization dedicated to advancing the field of aesthetic medicine and surgery through education, research, and innovation. With over two decades of experience, IMCAS has become the ultimate platform for professionals in the aesthetic industry to exchange knowledge, learn from experts, and stay updated on the latest trends and technologies.

TORG is a prestigious organisation dedicated to advancing surgical care, setting industry standards, and fostering a global network of surgical professionals. With a rich history of promoting excellence in operating room practices, TORG has earned its reputation as a hub for healthcare professionals to exchange knowledge, access cutting-edge technologies, and stay updated on the latest developments in surgical care. 

In collaboration with TORG and ECAMS, we are expanding our mission to foster a deeper understanding and adherence to the highest standards in aesthetic medicine and surgery. This partnership opens doors for TORG and ECAMS members to comprehend the rigorous standards required in aesthetic practices, while our certified doctors gain insights into the high standards of designing and maintaining operating and treatment rooms in private clinics. Together, we are committed to enhancing professional development and ensuring excellence in patient care across all facets of surgical and aesthetic medicine.


This is especially vital in private practice areas of medical aesthetics where standards vary internationally. The collaboration focuses on establishing high standards, improving safety and quality in aesthetic medical procedures, and setting a benchmark for excellence in aesthetic clinic operations.

Merz Aesthetics is a global leader in aesthetic medicine, driven by a rich legacy spanning over 115 years. Their unwavering dedication to innovation and patient satisfaction has earned them a reputation for delivering safe and effective aesthetic solutions. Merz Aesthetics’ diverse product portfolio caters to a wide range of aesthetic goals, making them a trusted partner for both patients and healthcare professionals.