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Module 11b - Master Course in Advanced Liposuction with Autologous Fat Grafting - Breast and Buttock Application

Start Date: 13-Nov-2019 | Status: open |


*****Early bird ends on 8 Nov 2019*****  (early bird discount €600 off, but if also take module 11a the discount will be €1000 off each course instead)

Bologna, Italy

This is a 3-day small group hands-on training on advanced liposuction and body contouring with autologous fat grafting techniques conducted by one of our senior faculty. This course is intended for physicians who already doing liposuction but would like to extend their liposuction skills to areas such as neck, arm, circumferential thigh, calves, and lipoedema patients. They could also be looking to acquire the proper advanced knowledge, skills and certification to begin performing more advanced techniques in their practice. It is a comprehensive hands-on training where each attendee gets a chance to work on real patient on those advanced techniques. Our qualified trainers are prominent physicians who own and operate successful liposuction practices and have many years of combined liposuction experience. ECAMS offers the support, resources and consent forms to help you get started!




Price: 8900 €