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Module 20b Master Course in Aesthetic Blepharoplasty

Start Date: 23-Mar-2020 | Status: open |
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This is a 2-day very small hands-on training on live patient in blepharoplasty. The course is intended for physician who has already attended module 20c or already have experience performing such procedures in their practice but looking to improve their skills.

In this course you will get to learn when and how to perform upper blepharoplasty, managing orbital fat, lacrimal gland pexy and browpexy, arcus relese, lower lid skin pinch, transcutaneous and transconjunctival management of orbital fat, canthal support techniques as well as fat grafting, laser resurfacing and orbicularis muscle sling. All under LA.

You will also get tips on how to develop an artistic eyes on how to produce a beautiful result for your patients confidently. It is a comprehensive hands-on training course where each attendee gets a chance to work on a real patient. ECAMS offers the support, resources and consent forms to help you started!






Price: 6500 €