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Malaysia: Module M1b - Foundation In Filler Injection

Start Date: 26-Apr-2020 | Status: open |
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*This course will take place in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur*  Early bird discount 600 EUR Please use discount code: m1b-early,

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This is a one-day hands-on course and it is part of our Fellowship Programme. FELLOWSHIP discount is 800 EUR. Please use discount code: m1a-fellowship

Our 1 day training will be based on the latest insights in risk level of facial injections, we teach inexperienced physicians the facial indications that will have the lowest chance of serious adverse events. For example, we immediately start teaching use of non-traumatic cannulas as they are associated with lower risk of adverse events than sharp needles. 

The first theoretical part covers hyaluronic acid. We will cover the mechanism of action, needle vs cannulas, infection prevention, low risk indications (cheeks, chin, marionette lines, jawline), choice of product, contra-indications, complications and management of complications). 

We will assess the acquired knowledge with a multiple choice questions examination. The delegates have the opportunity to have the failed questions explained to them. 

After lunch, the practical sessions will cover hands-on injecting on live patients with hyaluronic acid fillers. We will guide the delegates step by step through the injection process and we will assess the practical competence with an objective structured assessment on technical skills (OSATS). 

With both MCQ and OSATS passed, a certificate of successful completion of the course will be awarded to the delegate.

NOTE: We will provide ECAMS logbooks upon succesful completion which is required for your LCP application.

Our qualified trainers are prominent physicians who own and operate a succesful practice and have many years of experience. ECAMS offers the support, resources and consent forms and product sourcing to help you get started!


Price: 1690 €

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