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M11a-1 Essentials in Liposuction

  • Course level: Beginner

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CPD/CME: 2 hours accredited


A solid foundation for advancement
It is not what you get at a webinar! Through a didactic approach, you will acquire the essential and fundamentals of every module. While modules are interconnected and taught progressively towards a solid foundation for advancement, you can also choose to attend only the module you need. Every module is cme/cpd accredited.

Unlimited access to extensive learning resources
Learn anytime and anywhere and play them over and over again without limits! Many of our online delegates use them as a course refresher or simply watch them through right before their procedure. With one click, you get instant access to extensive learning resources while being entitled to any new updates and latest versions of videos!

Learn from the experts
Despite the increasing trend of minimally/non-invasive procedures, Liposuction is still one of the highly demanded technique and is an ever-increasing choice amongst patients. Gone were the days of obvious enhancement and model-like face and body. Patients today are looking for natural-looking and less noticeable enhancement, men and women alike. This calls for very refined and precise skills in order to bring out the beauty of every individual. Having the proper knowledge and in-depth understanding not only gives you theoretical knowledge but lays a solid foundation required to perform the procedure effectively.

Whether you are starting out a new practice or need a refresher,  this 3-part M11A series in Liposuction sets that solid foundation you must have at your fingertips! Comprehensive coverage of all the essential knowledge and step-by-step technique you must know before advancements. Led by our Head of Department, Prof Alberto Di Giuseppe, a world-leading expert in the field of Liposuction.

*Please note the course will be trained using a VASER system and we are using LifeCell Revolve Fat Grafting System to harvest the fat, however, you can still apply the techniques to the whichever devices you are using, and you can get all the necessary protocol related to the setting and usage of the devices directly from the device company.

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  • Weighted Online Examination
    • Certificate of completion (Upon successful completion)
  • Hands-on Training Session

  • Weight Practical Assessment
  • ECAMS Certified
    • Certificate of complete and ECAMS Certifed badge (Upon successful completion)

Do note that this is a theory-based module and should not be used as a replacement for your hands-on training. Physicians are strongly recommended to attend our hands-on training in order to be proficient in their practice. By completing the online courses you will be more prepared when you attend the hands-on training and capturing more positive learning experiences.

Topics for this course

2 Lessons1h 11m 27s

Course Video

M11a-1 Essentials in liposuction01:11:27

Essentials in Liposuction

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Aftercare Wellness Drinks for Your Patient

About the instructors

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Prof. Alberto Di Giuseppe

Head of Body contouring

Dr. Alberto Di Giuseppe is board certified in plastic surgery and maxillofacial surgery and is senior surgeon at the University of Ancona Plastic Surgery Department. He is also a Professor of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery at the University of Oradea, Romania, and Professor of Surgery at the Lipoplasty University of Austin, Texas. Dr Di Giuseppe is a leading trainer in VASER lipoplasty and trains doctors from all over the world in advanced lipoplasty techniques. He is also one of the original VASER research surgeon. He is co-editor of the 9 comprehensive textbook in liposuction, Liposuction: Principles and Practice (Springer 2006) and Body Contouring: Art, Science, and Clinical Practice (Springer 2010). He has also published more than 200 scientific papers He has busy aesthetic medicine and surgery practices in Ancona, Bologna, and Milan, Italy.
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Material Includes

  • On demand video
  • Unlimited time access

Target Audience

  • Any physician who would like to learn all the essentials of VASER liposuction
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