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M13c Master class in primary breast augmentation (Private Training – Live patients)

  • Course level: Beginner

About Course

CME/CPD pending


We provide private hands-on training in breast augmentation with Dr. Rolf Bartsch. This is a hybrid training where the theory will be online where you will have unlimited access to the course even after the hands-on training. Surgery video will be included.
Prior to attending the hands-on training, you will need to complete the online theory and complete the online examination before you attend the hands-on training.

The structure of the course will be totally tailored according to your skill level and based on the objective of the outcome of the course you want to achieve. All patients will be arranged and selected based on your objectives. From the instruments required, preparation, implants selection and pre-surgical stages, you will be equipped with all the knowledge you need in order to conduct an accurate and thorough patient interview and physical examination. The aim of this course is to expand surgeons skills and choose the right techniques for the right patient so as to achieve not only technical but also artistic results.

ECAMS Journey

You need to complete the online theory training as well as the online examination before you attend the hands-on training. The theory part will include anatomic principals, knowledge about breast Implantats and different techniques and diagnosis and management of possible complications.

It is a modular online course teaching you all the knowledge you need to perform primary breast augmentations. From translating patient wishes to custom tailored surgical concepts as well as choosing implants, planning and performing safe surgeries.

During the live hands-on training you will be taught from patient selection and marking, to preparing the surgery, performing surgery as well as the sufficient post-operative care. You will attend a full surgery day including several different cases to get used to the variety of modern breast augmentation surgery.
At the end of the day you will have the chance to perform your first case form marking till dressing.
This course will give you the rare opportunity to really perform surgery by yourself guided by experienced hands.

ECAMS vision is to build strong personal relations between members. We are all together on a lifelong learning journey and should spent a lot of trips of this journey together.
The refresher day should be booked within 1 year after the course to discuss own cases which you already have performed and also dive deeper into difficulties which probably appeared within the last months after you started performing primary breast augmentations. It is a one to one day of surgery once again with Dr. Rolf Bartsch. You get the opportunity to observe and assist breast cases to strengthen your knowledge on aesthetic breast surgery.

** You can use the amount of the online courses which you might had made in this series againt the course fee for this course. However please make sure that your credit is not expired as there is a validity of one year period for payment made to the online series.

What Will I Learn?

  • Patient interview and physical examination
  • Implant selection
  • Selecting the appropriate technique based upon the clinical findings
  • Pre-surgical preparation
  • Surgical technique
  • Post operative management
  • Recognising and treating possible sequelae and complications
  • Review of clinical results

Topics for this course

11 Lessons16h

Complete this before attending hands-on?

Complete this before attending hands-on
Complete this before attending hands-on

Theory session?

Theory session

Online Exam (Pass 70%)

About the instructors

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Dr. Rolf Bartsch is a board-certified and fellowship trained plastic surgeon. During his training he worked on 3 different continents from Emory University Atlanta USA, Groote Schur hospital Capetown, South Africa. University of Jimma Ethiopia to ERASMUS MC Rotterdam, where he completed the fellowship of Dutch Association for Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in 2010. Throughout his training he focused the majority of his cosmetic interests in the areas of breast surgery and body contouring. Since 2011he is ONLY focussing on aesthetic surgery running several clinics since then. After performing more than 2.500 aesthetic breast surgerys in the last 10 years he is running his own clinic offering custom tailored solutions in aesthetic medicine. He is the founder of, an international known training institution for non-surgical facial beautification, KOL and speaker for companies like, MERZ, Apyx Medcial, Polytech and Deleo and faculity member of ECAMS breast surgery department.
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breast augmentation hands-on course

Material Includes

  • on-demand video
  • unlimited access


  • This course is for medical surgeon

Target Audience

  • For those who wants to learn breast augmentation procedure
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