M11de-3 Ultimate male and female body contouring: Pre-operative step-by-step

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From the initial consultation, your relationship and understanding with patients are central to the success of ultimate body contouring. This entails suitability, pre and post-operative care, and all of the possible side effects and/or complications associated with the procedure.  In this course, which is the most important part of this series is learning

  • how to select the elibility of patient for the procedure to get successful result,
  • you will also learn the essentials of the pre-operative aspect thoroughly,
  • consultation,
  • pricing,
  • marketing and
  • how you can achieve and exceed the expectations of your patient’s desires.

Please note the course will be trained using a VASER system, however you can still apply the techniques to the whichever devices you are using, and you can get all the necessary protocol related to the setting and usage of the devices directly from the device company.

This module can be taken individually.
It is recommended that you complete all 5 modules of the M11de series to ensure an in-depth level of understanding.

    • M11de-1: Male muscular anatomy, understanding of shadows
    • M11d-2 Marking for Male definition and/or M11e-2 Marking for female definition
    • M11de-3 Ultimate male and female body contouring: Pre-operative step-by-step
    • M11de-4 Ultimate body contouring: Technology and surgical technique on real definition step-by-step
    • M11de-5 Ultimate male and female body contouring: Post-operative step-by-step and complication management

Do note that this is a theory-based module and should not be used as a replacement for your hands-on training. Physicians are strongly recommended to attend their hands-on training in order to be proficient in their practice.

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Course Content

Pre-operative step-by-step
Pre-operative step-by-step

  • Pre-operative step-by-step

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