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M88-4 Leadership and branding in aesthetic business

  • Course level: Intermediate


Scale your business and take it to greater heights. Learn from real-life experiences and proven strategies that you can implement and put into practice immediately! Learn beyond mere textbook knowledge and rote learning. Gain valuable insights from our faculty as they impart their years of experience, know-how, and secrets that will set you up for success. ECAMS Bitesize Virtual Learning gives you the freedom and convenience to learn anytime, anywhere to suit your busy schedule. Enjoy unlimited access to the best learning resources that you can play and replay over and over again.

In this module, learn the 5 key factors of a successful leader and how your perspective and way of thinking can lead to a positive change. Unpack what “branding” means and understand its impact. Determine and define your Unique Selling Proposition(USP) accurately for your business in a way that would not only engage meaningfully with your customers but bring about commonality and motivate your team. A practical guide will also be given to help you through the module. This approach does not only applies to the leader but also applies to the team and customer.

At the end of this module, be ready for a positive transformation. Look at things from a new angle and relook into your marketing strategy. See how a shift in mindset could lead to positive changes manifested in various business activities without shaking grounds but incremental improvements towards business success!


What Will I Learn?

  • After attending this course, you will look at things differently and you probably will change your approach in talking to your patients, your team and you will also relook into your marketing strategy. You will start to understand why your business stays in the same position and realise by shifting the approach you had learn in this course, you will start seeing the business moving towards the result that you want.

Topics for this course

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Mind shifting.

Branding & USP?

Defining your USP

About the instructors

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Pyn Lim is an accomplished results-driven visionary leader and a leading advocate for building a successful aesthetic clinic and centrality of education in aesthetic medicine & surgery and digital literacy in raising economic and social standards globally in aesthetic practice. She has over 20 years of international experience in business operation in pharmaceutical, aesthetic practice and education industry. She is an internationally experienced results-driven founder with a diverse background featuring strong strategic leadership, business development, digital marketing and international partner management skills. These attributes have been developed across a variety of industries, in organisations ranging from start-ups to large multinational corporations. Pyn is the founder of Venus Medical where she build from zero to a multi-million aesthetic medical practice. Pyn has also served as the founder & CEO of the ECAMS for over 10 years and in that time the College's qualifications have become the most widely taught global certification standard and are now have certified doctors/surgeons over 70 countries. She has led a team in the creation of a broad range of education programmes & qualifications from cadaver dissections training through to Masters level hands-on training qualifications in aesthetic medicine and surgery. In that time she collaborated with multiple training facilities and local surgeons in different countries & universities to developed a syllabus of training programme consisting of world leading faculties in all the major aesthetic procedures. She has also delivered lecture during the training courses to surgeons and doctors on “essential marketing to start and grow your aesthetic practice”. In a field like education that faces constant disruption she is an advocate for doctors centric outcomes and is a passionate believer in aesthetic medicine and surgery industry as democratising and enabling tools for whatever ails the industry.
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  • any aesthetic professional, business owner, medical director, clinic staff
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