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M-A11ab-Master Course in Liposuction and Fat Transfer using laser technology: Essentials & Advanced (Hands-on)

  • Course level: Intermediate

About Course

Duration: 3-day hands-on
Dates: 2nd,3rd,4th November 2021
Location: Greece
Total CPD/CME (Theory and hands-on): 14 accredited hours (essentials), 22.5 accredited hours (advanced)
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This is a combination of a essential course and advanced course in liposuction. We uses laser based fat transfer technology (Alma Beautifill™) in this training. This is a hybrid training which comprises of online for all the theory in essentials and advanced lectures, upon completion of the online lectures and examination, you can then attend the hands-on practical training with live models.

A global leading institute in Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery.
One of the highly demanded procedures worldwide that calls for precise execution and skill mastery! This program is designed for physicians looking to begin and advanced their Liposuction practice with. Through a series of in-depth theory and examination followed by a hands-on training session prior to the final assessment, physicians will be well equipped with the knowledge as well as practical skills and steps that can be immediately implemented to get you going. Please note the price stated for this course includes both Theory (Bitesize Online Course) and Hands-on Training Session.

In this hands-on session, work with live patients under the guidance of world-renowned experts and prominent physician, Prof Alberto Di Giuseppe. Known as the finest of finest in the field, a pioneer and lead training in laser based fat transfer technology lipoplasty. The course entails all the essentials and advanced techniques of the procedure including tumescent Liposuction and Liposculpting with fat transfer. Work alongside with our faculty for a unique ECAMS learning experience while gaining valuable insights that you can immediately to your practice, setting yourself up for success! The session will also teach you on how you can avoid and manage all possible complications that may arise in relation to the procedure.

Why this technology?

Over the period, many surgeons needed 1 device that can deliver speed, precision, effectiveness and reasonable skin contraction so that they can adopt in their practice. After much research this is exactly what Beautifill™ by lipolife able to meet all these criterias. Beautifill™ isthe first laser-based fat transfer technology to standardise the process, time and quality of fat transfer methods with the least amount of adipose disruption. Beautifill™ closed-loop fat transfer capabilities combine laser, aspiration and processing into one simple step. This reduces procedure time while optimising the entire fat transfer process. High vitality fat collection permits successful, immediate fat grafting with years of logetivity potential. Simultaneous lasing and suctioning simplifies the procedure and significantly reduces treatment time. Thermal energy and a unique radial emission fiber allows for effective, homogenous skin tightening.

Areas targeted in this course

  • Abs, flanks, trunk and thigh
  • Female abdomen body contouring
  • Male abdomen and gynecomastia body contouring
  • Face & neck
  • Facial Fat transfer and nano fat transfer
  • Breast & buttocks fat trannsfer
  • Upper arms
  • 3D circumferential thigh

ECAMS Journey

  • Bitesize Theory

    • There are 11 bitesize online videos in the essentials course
    • There are 16 bitesize online videos in the advanced course
  • Weighted Online Examination
    • Certificate of completion (Upon successful completion)
  • Hands-on Training Session (3 days)

    • Day 1 on abdominal, flanks, back and thigh
    • Day 2 & 3 on facial fat transfer, female body liposuction with breast and buttocks fat transfer, male body liposuction with body fat transfer, 3D circumferential thigh and Upper arms
  • Weight Practical Assessment
  • ECAMS Certified
    • Certificate of complete and ECAMS Certifed badge (Upon successful completion)

How can you benefit?

Stand out and stay ahead from the fierce competition
Expert Knowledge – Get a chance to work alongside world-renowned experts who have gone through years of experience and succeeded in their field of expertise.

Stay ahead and relevant – Widen and deepen your understanding of the procedure as you acquire practical steps that can be implemented in your practice immediately. With wisdom from the best people, you will be well-equipped for the demands that come your way!

Clinical support – Get direct access to our faculty even after attending our hands-on session. You don’t have to face it all alone! You have the experts who will be able to support and guide you through as you return to your own practice.

Be recognized for your exceptional skills – Earn your accreditation and be certified by the most prestigious institution of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery. Be a part of our Alumni and join our accreditation for your clinic or yourself to tap on the largest growing international network ad be recognised as a star achiever. Widen your exposure and expand your reach to a global network.

What Will I Learn?

  • Beautifill technology - safety and efficacy

Topics for this course

28 Lessons36h 41m 08s

Essentials theory?

Essentials theory
A11a-1: Introduction to body contouring00:30:12
A11a-2-3: Technology and Tumescent local anaesthesia00:29:57
A11a-4: Pre-operative considerations00:25:24
A11a-5: Office setup00:09:41
A11a-6: Beautifill mechanism animation00:1:45
A11a-7: Setup guide00:7:09
A11a-8: Abdomen_anterior00:07:11
A11a-9: Flanks00:4:52
A11a-10: Contouring thighs00:08:36
A11a-11: Post-operative care00:04:29
A11a-12: Complications00:13:03
Introduction to body contouring
Feedback after the hands-on course 11a

Advanced theory?

Advanced theory

About the instructors

5.00 (3 ratings)

84 Courses

801 students

Prof. Alberto Di Giuseppe

Head of Body contouring

Dr. Alberto Di Giuseppe is board certified in plastic surgery and maxillofacial surgery and is senior surgeon at the University of Ancona Plastic Surgery Department. He is also a Professor of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery at the University of Oradea, Romania, and Professor of Surgery at the Lipoplasty University of Austin, Texas. Dr Di Giuseppe is a leading trainer in VASER lipoplasty and trains doctors from all over the world in advanced lipoplasty techniques. He is also one of the original VASER research surgeon. He is co-editor of the 9 comprehensive textbook in liposuction, Liposuction: Principles and Practice (Springer 2006) and Body Contouring: Art, Science, and Clinical Practice (Springer 2010). He has also published more than 200 scientific papers He has busy aesthetic medicine and surgery practices in Ancona, Bologna, and Milan, Italy.
5.00 (3 ratings)

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Material Includes

  • Full theory Bitesize series (essentials & advanced)
  • 3-day Hands-on Training Session
  • 2 sets of personalised scrubs
  • Lunches / coffee breaks
  • Social dinner


  • This is intended only for physicians who are interested in performing Liposuction procedures using laser based fat transfer technology

Target Audience

  • For physicians looking to acquire proper knowledge, technical and practical skills, and certification to begin performing liposuction techniques in their practice.
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