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M11de Master course in ultimate male and female body definition

  • Course level: Expert

About Course

Duration: 3-day hands-on session
Dates: TBA
Location: Athens, Greece
CPD/CME: 9 accredited hours each certificate (male / female)


Work on LIVE PATIENTS and master the art of body contouring, one of the highly demanded procedures worldwide that requires a high level of mastery in order to perform to perfection which is also known as hi-def lipo or high definition vaserlipo or hi-def vaser liposculpture.

Under the guidance of world-renowned experts and prominent physicians for their amazing results and skill mastery. Gain the proper knowledge required to advance and refine your Liposuction skills. From a detailed anatomical approach, you will learn to apply your knowledge to the procedure. Master the art of viewing, sculpting, and creating the human ‘V’ shaped form for male patients and ‘S’ shaped form for female patients. Experience how to use Vaser in Liposuction and Liposculpture.The course will also cover a wide range of post-operative care and how you can manage any possible complications effectively!

Take your skills to the next level and achieve skill mastery! Put what you have learned into practice immediately and start performing the procedure with confidence! ECAMS offers the support, materials, and resources to help you get started!

This is an advanced level course for physicians who are already performing the Liposuction procedure.

Please note the course will be trained using a VASER system.

Price includes the Full M11DE Bitesize series + M11DE Hands-on training

    • M11de-1: Male muscular anatomy, understanding of shadows
    • M11d-2 Marking for Male definition
    • M11e-2 Marking for female definition
    • M11de-3 Ultimate male and female body contouring: Pre-operative step-by-step
    • M11de-4 Ultimate body contouring: Technology and surgical technique on real definition step-by-step
    • M11de-5 Ultimate male and female body contouring: Post-operative step-by-step
    • M11DE Ultimate Male and Female Body Contouring 3-day Hands-on session

What Will I Learn?

  • Detailed anatomical knowledge and how you can apply it to practice
  • The anatomy of superficial fat, deep fat, muscle, and bone, and their relationships to each other
  • How to examine and mark patients prior to surgery
  • Fat grafting to enhance pectoral and deltoid muscles
  • Sculpt and create the 'V' shaped form for male patients
  • Sculpt and create the 'S' shaped form for female patients
  • Postoperative care of patients
  • How to deal with any complications that might occur

About the instructors

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Dr.Hüseyin KANDULU was born in Nicosia in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in 1979. After completing his primary and college education in Cyprus he moved to Turkey to study medicine. Dr. KANDULU graduated as a medical doctor in 2003 and began his residency training in the field of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery in which he had a strong interest during his medical education. In addition to many reconstructive operations, he was strongly involved in nose, breast and body aesthetics during his residency training and carried out many surgeries. He delivered his thesis, entitled “The Effect of Chitosan on Microvascular Anastomosis Applications with Minimal Suturing Technique” in the field of microsurgery in 2010 thus completing his residency in Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery and has specialized in this branch. Dr Hüseyin Kandulu has more than twelve years surgical experience, performing all manner of body surgeries and reconstructive surgeries, in addition to various other aesthetic surgeries and procedures. In the last seven years however, he has focused almost exclusively on hi definition body sculpting, working closely with world renowned surgeons to develop and hone his skills. With his vast experience, and knowledge of the latest technologies he has become one of the foremost surgeons in the field of body sculpting.
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Material Includes

  • Full M11DE Bitesize series
  • 1-day Hands-on Training Session


  • This is an advanced level course intended for physicians who are already performing Liposuction procedures.

Target Audience

  • Looking to acquire proper knowledge, technical and practical skills, and certification to begin performing more advanced techniques in their practice.