Department of Body Contouring

The Department of Body Contouring oversees all activities relating to body contouring, including the delivery of certified training in liposuction, energy-assisted lipoplasty, and large volume autologous fat grafting.

Upcoming courses

Head of Department

  • Dr. Alfredo Hoyos

    Dr Alfredo Hoyos received his medical degree from El Rosario University in Bogota, Colombia, where he specialized in plastic, aesthetic, maxillofacial, and hand surgery.


  • Prof. Alberto Di Giuseppe

    Senior Faculty

    Alberto Di Giuseppe MD is board certified in plastic surgery and maxillofacial surgery and is senior surgeon at the University of Ancona Plastic Surgery Department.

  • Dr. Rolf Bartsch

    Senior Faculty

    Dr Rolf Bartsch is a leading plastic surgeon in Vienna, Austria who has a special interest in aesthetic breast surgery.