Department of Facial Surgery

The Department of Aesthetic Facial Surgery coordinates research, education, and certified training in all surgical facial rejuvenation procedures bar rhinoplasty, including facelift, necklift, blepharoplasty, browlift, and facial fat grafting.

Upcoming courses

Head of Department

  • Dr. Malcolm Paul

    Malcolm Paul in an internationally acclaimed board-certified plastic surgeon with almost 40 years experience in facial plastic surgery.


  • Dr. Angelo Rebelo

    Senior Faculty

    One of the most respected and talented cosmetic surgeons in the world, Dr Rebelo is truly a visionary in aesthetic surgery.

  • Prof. Dr. Med. Wolfgang Gubisch

    Senior Faculty

    Professor dr med. Wolfgang Gubisch is Senior Director of the Clinic for Fascial Plastic Surgery, Marienhospital Stuttgart and Chairman of the Council of Experts of the German Nose Surgeons.

  • Prof. Hossam Foda

    Senior Faculty

    Dr Foda is Head of Facial Plastic Surgery at the Department of Otolarygology at Alexandria Medical School, Egypt.

  • Dr. Danilo De Gregorio

    Senior Faculty

    Danilo De Gregorio is a plastic surgeon with extensive experience and expertise in aesthetic medicine and all areas of cosmetic surgery. He has established several renowned aesthetic medical centers across Italy.

  • Prof. Alexander Berghaus

    Senior Faculty

    Prof. Alexander Berghaus had a leading position in the Department of Otorhinolaryngology at Berlin Free University, then was elected Head of the Department at Halle University, and lastly, became Director of Otorhinolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery at Munich University.