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A team of well-established and highly sought after dedicated aesthetic doctors from all around the world. Their vast experience and expert knowledge in the field have helped numerous physicians worldwide to outperform and achieve amazing results.

The Department of Body Contouring oversees all activities relating to body contouring, including the delivery of certified training in liposuction, energy-assisted lipoplasty, and large volume autologous fat grafting.

Head Of Department

Dr. Alberto Di Giuseppe is board certified in plastic surgery and maxillofacial surgery and is senior surgeon at the University of Ancona Plastic Surgery Department. He is also a Professor of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery at the University of Oradea, Romania, and Professor of Surgery at the Lipoplas... Read More
Dr. Rolf Bartsch is a board-certified and fellowship trained plastic surgeon. During his training he worked on 3 different continents from Emory University Atlanta USA, Groote Schur hospital Capetown, South Africa. University of Jimma Ethiopia to ERASMUS MC Rotterdam, where he completed the fellowsh... Read More
Dr.Hüseyin KANDULU was born in Nicosia in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in 1979. After completing his primary and college education in Cyprus he moved to Turkey to study medicine. Dr. KANDULU graduated as a medical doctor in 2003 and began his residency training in the field of Plastic Recons... Read More

Senior Faculty

Malcolm Paul in an internationally acclaimed board-certified plastic surgeon with almost 40 years experience in facial plastic surgery. Based in Newport Beach, California, Dr Paul is recognised across there United States for his excellence and skill in creating stunning, natural results to the exten... Read More
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