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Create, develop, and empower doctors in order to kickstart and accelerate their business. Improve your business workflow process and streamline operations to maximize and optimize business efficiency. Effectively market your brand, reach and attract the right customers, create brand awareness, and build brand loyalty. Leverage on the power of information technology and adapt to the dynamic changing market demands.

Head Of Department

Pyn Lim is an accomplished results-driven visionary leader and a leading advocate for building a successful aesthetic clinic and centrality of education in aesthetic medicine & surgery and digital literacy in raising economic and social standards globally in aesthetic practice. She has over 20 y... Read More
Graduate of the Business School's Stafford University and specializes in design & development of business operations for medical aesthetics practices. Since 2012, is managing doctors that specialize in aesthetic dermatology and plastic surgery. Services involve the design, development and coo... Read More
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