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Reach your fullest potential with ECAMS. Our sponsored scholarships are offered in recognition of academic excellence and leadership potential. ECAMS offers a variety of scholarships to new and existing doctors pursuing their training and career development in aesthetic medicine and surgery. 

The scholarship program aims to increase opportunities for doctors with a passion and special interest in aesthetic practice. 

Outstanding doctors aiming to pursue their training and career in aesthetic medicine and surgery in ECAMS may apply for the scholarship. The applicant will be screened and may require to submit supporting documents during the application process. A successful application may achieve funding for ECAMS courses and programmes, and/or sponsorship benefits. 

  • Open to all doctors with a particular interest in aesthetic medicine and surgery
  • Are active in the field with work experience or a proven interest in their subject area
  • Outstanding contributions and/or attributions such as leadership and/or achievement in aesthetic practice
  • Are passionate in the field of speciality and are willing to engage as committed ECAMS scholarship alumni

The ECAMSscholarship covers up to the normal program duration that the scholarship holder maintains a good record of achievement, performance and exemplary conduct. Benefits may include:

  • Academic prestige – a global leading institute of aesthetic medicine and surgery 
  • Tuition grant support for ECAMS courses
  • Sponsorship from ECAMS partners
  • Accommodation allowance (one-off)
  • Eligibility for the Global Aesthetic Aesthrix Star Award for the year (subjected to renewal)
  • The scholarship holder must not hold any concurrent scholarships or sponsorship without the approval of ECAMS.
  • The scholarship holder is required to maintain an excellent record of performance and contribution in aesthetic practice.
  • The scholarship may be withdrawn at anytime by ECAMS when the scholarship holder’s progress or conduct is deem as unsatisfactory.
  • If the scholarship holder decideds to terminate the scholarship/sponsorship prematurely, a repayment will be imposed in the event that a payout has occured.
  • The scholarship/sponsorship is entitled to only the applicant and is not transferable, not redeemable for cash and/or credit, and is not refundable.
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  • Scholarship selection and interview will take place between March to May 2022.
  • Scholarship applicants that are shortlisted for an interview will be contacted via e-mail. Do check your inbox regularly including the spam folder. Unspam emails to received prompt updates.
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