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Pyn Lim

Head of Department

Pyn Lim is a celebrated entrepreneur in the aesthetic healthcare sector, renowned for her innovative ventures and diverse business portfolio. Her results-driven, visionary leadership has established her as a key advocate for thriving aesthetic clinics and businesses. With a focus on the crucial role of education in aesthetic medicine and surgery, and digital literacy, she aims to elevate global economic and social standards within the field. Her international experience of over 34 years spans pharmaceuticals, aesthetic practice, and education, making her a seasoned founder with expertise in strategic leadership, business development, branding, digital marketing, and international partner management.
Pyn’s aesthetics entrepreneurial journey began with the founding of Venus Medical, evolving into a multi-million-dollar practice. As founder and CEO of ECAMS (European College of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery) for over 17 years, she has elevated it to a global benchmark in certification, boasting a network of 2000+ doctors and surgeons across 70 countries. Under her leadership, ECAMS offers comprehensive educational programs, including cadaver dissections, live models training, and Master’s level hands-on training in aesthetic medicine and surgery. Collaborating with training facilities, surgeons, and universities worldwide, she has curated a training curriculum with top experts in major aesthetic procedures. Additionally, she heads the aesthetic business management department, delivering lectures and presenting at global conferences.
Drawing from her production technology engineering background, Pyn designed the face and necklift dilator and the needle suture passer for lower-eyelid, canthopexy procedures. These IP-protected instruments, integral to our hands-on training courses, are now widely used by faculties and surgeons globally, showcasing her innovative approach to surgical techniques.
Pyn advocates for patient-centric outcomes and believes enhancing training quality can reduce complications, leading to improved patient results. She is passionate about empowering the industry to prioritize patient well-being, consistently striving to elevate the field’s standards through her unwavering dedication to education and excellence.

Yiannis Theodoropoulos


Graduate of the Business School’s Stafford University and specializes in design & development of business operations for medical aesthetics practices.

Since 2012, is managing doctors that specialize in aesthetic dermatology and plastic surgery. Services involve the design, development and coordination of all operational and commercial aspects of a medical aesthetics practice that ensure the safe, effective and efficient operation of the practice with the scope to provide high quality medical aesthetic services and deliver outstanding sales initiatives that drive value for the business and their clients.

Since 2013 is the affiliated project manager in Greece for the European College of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery and has organized several aesthetic workshops. Currently, he is part of the ECAMS Innovation faculty and provides business and operation training too.

In 2015, through the prism of coaching, he developed the Medical Aesthetics Practice (MAP) Coaching program that focuses on the design, development and execution of business strategies and tactics for medical aesthetics practices.

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