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EUROPE [Hands-on/Group] MEM21 Master Course Non-Surgical Facial Transformation

Take your career in aesthetic medicine to the next level with ECAMS’ Essentials in Toxin and Filler Hands-On Master Course. Led by world-renowned experts, this comprehensive training program is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to excel in your practice. Our personalized training approach, cutting-edge technology, and focus on achieving the best and most consistent results set us apart as the world’s leading global training institute in aesthetic medicine and surgery. Sign up now for our hands-on training course and be on your way to achieving your breakthrough in the world of aesthetics.

Course Title: MEM21 Master Course in non-surgical facial transformation & advanced facial cadaver anatomy (Special Edition)
Location: Cremona, Italy.

Dates: 6-7 September 2024

Registration: Open
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ECAMS global leading institute of excellence in aesthetic medicine and surgery training since 2008.

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