Face & Neck Lift Techniques Aesthetic Training Course for Doctors.

CME / CPD Accreditation and Globally Recognised Certification.

✅ Intensive & Comprehensive Hands-on training

✅ Learn from world-renowned experts in the field of surgical facial rejuvenation

✅ Cadaveric dissection & live model training

✅ Tips, Tricks & Latest Techniques for Safe and Beautiful Results.

✅ CME/CPD accredited. Globally recognised certification.

ECAMS Aesthetic Training Course:
Face and Neck Lift Techniques.

Elevate Your Skills and Delight Your Patients

If you're looking to take your aesthetic surgery practice to the next level, look no further than ECAMS, the world's leading institute for aesthetic training. Our Face and Neck Lift Techniques Training Course is designed to give you the skills and knowledge you need to achieve outstanding results for your patients.

Led by world-renowned experts in the field, our comprehensive training course covers the latest techniques and innovations in facial rejuvenation, including facelifts, neck lifts, and combination procedures. With a focus on personalized, hands-on training, our course is designed to give you the confidence and expertise you need to excel in your practice.

At ECAMS, we're dedicated to providing the highest-quality training and education, which is why our courses are CME/CPD Accredited and Globally Recognised. Upon completion of our Face and Neck Lift Techniques Training Course, you'll receive a certification that is respected and valued by industry professionals worldwide.

Don't miss this opportunity to take your practice to the next level and achieve exceptional results for your patients. Join us at ECAMS and be on your way to becoming a leading expert in aesthetic facial surgery.

Online Theory

Attendees must complete the online theory and examination before attending their in-person hands-on training

Essentials in face and neck lift
Face and neck anatomy
Protocol for performing face lift under local anaesthesia
Advanced face lift
Management of the neck/contemporary browlift
Adjunctive procedures in face lifting
Aftercare and management of complications in face and neck lift

In person hands-on practical day

22 April 2024 - Italy.

Minimal access and Mini Lifts
SMAS plication and suspension
Closure Complementary facial fat grafting techniques
Face and neck lift demonstration using ultrasound for fat reduction plasma for contouring
Fat restoration intermediate to full Incision facelifting demonstration Deep plane and composite facelift
Brow lift techniques
Buccal fat pad removal & restoration
Chin augmentation with fat and lip lift

Meet the trainers

Prof Richard Gentile

Head of Department, Aesthetic Facial Surgery.

Dr. Danilo De Gregorio

Dr. Danilo De Gregorio

Senior Faculty, Aesthetic Facial Surgery. ECAMS

Dr. Uberto Giovannini

Senior Faculty, Aesthetic Facial Surgery. ECAMS

Our graduates have achieve amazing results!

“After attending so many courses, ECAMS training is still one of the best course I had ever attended.”
Dr. Torres
" A big step forward in my career! The information that you need gets shared in a very useful manner"
Dr. Terezia
"It helped me alot to give the best treatment and get the best results for my patients.
Dr. Raquel Bento

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ECAMS global leading institute of excellence in aesthetic medicine and surgery training since 2008.

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