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Bitesize Virtual Learning

    • We offer a wide range of online aesthetic courses the knowledge they need for their aesthetic practice. Whether you are looking to begin a new practice or advance your learning, attain your certification, and/or refresh your knowledge for optimal results. Our theory offers you a comprehensive yet in-depth knowledge you need for a solid foundation. Through a didactic approach to teaching, you will learn the essential and how it is applicable and put them into practice. Every module can be attended individually. For the best learning benefit, it is recommended to complete the series.
    • * Note: For all who will be attending our hands-on training, you will be required to complete the necessary bitesize virtual learning in preparation for your hands-on session as our bite-size virtual learning is the equivalent to your theory section of the hands-on training. This is to reduce the amount of gathering time as part of the current Covid situation.

Hands-on Training

    • Comprehensive and in-depth hands-on training. With ECAMS unique teaching pedagogy, learn from our faculty who are the top experts in their field of specialty. Master your skills and learn their secrets as they teach you the art of successful delivery for optimal results! Their expertise and vast experience will guide you step by step and achieve the desired results!  Our hands-on training is intended for all physicians of any specialty who are looking to acquire proper training and certification in aesthetic medicine and surgery. Begin with our beginners’ level right through to advanced training, you. will acquire all the fundamentals and essential practical skills required for success!
    • * Note: The theory section of our hands-on training has now been moved online under our Bitesize Virtual Learning. 

Virtual Clinical Coaching

    • Work alongside our faculty and become a professional! They will observe you round the clock as you perform the procedure and give you critical feedback and evaluation. Identify your area of strength and work on your weakness. Downright to the very little details that will empower you for that change you need in order to see a breakthrough! So unpack the procedure and receive valuable yet critical insights on action items that need be done and bring these changes to live and become greater and better at what you do best! Get that breakthrough you need in your aesthetic career and don’t let it hold you back!

Bitesize Virtual Learning

You can find the login button at the top right hand corner of the website. Login using the same account you had created when you purchase the course. Once you login, the system will bring you to your dashboard.

If you are already login, at the top right hand corner of our website, click on the “profile” link and it will bring you to your dashboard.

On your dashboard,

  • at the left column click on “enrolled courses”, system will display the courses you had purchased and we had approved. (sometimes due to time difference or working hours, our approving is delay, but we will processed it once we are back at work)
  • Select the course you want.
  • Click on “start course” button which you can find on the right hand column.

Enjoy the course!

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All our bitesize virtual learning are accredited online aesthetic courses that offer the rigour and intensity needed for a solid foundation.
  • Didactic teaching and progressive learning to give you the maximum benefit of learning and impartation of theory and practical application.
  • You have to learn from the best, to be the best! For all ECAMS bitesize, hands-on, and virtual coaching, our trainers are experts and top world surgeons specializing in their own field. They only teach what they are good at. So, enjoy in-depth learning as you uncover their secrets to success! 
  • Accredited Aesthetic Courses. Enjoy the highest standard of continuing professional development courses and start accumulating your required CME/CPD points! ECAMS offers all the knowledge, tools, and resources to help you get started and continue on as we develop and empower you with all you need to stay ahead and establish yourself in the Aesthetic Industry. We provide you with aesthetic education and training as well as business development and marketing mentoring and training. Be certified and begin your practice!

Feel free to reach out to us anytime via:

  • Email: info@ecamedicine.com
  • Call: +353 – 86 – 8048992
  • Chat: Simple hit on the blue chat button at the bottom right corner and speak to one of our staff!


Yes, definitely! All ECAMS Bitesize online courses have no time constraints. Enjoy unlimited access to the video and play them over and over again, as many times as you want!

All our online virtual learning courses are delivered virtually. Simply log into your account to access the course(s).  Watch the video online anytime. Start the video whenever you are ready, or pause the video anytime when you need to take notes or a break!

Once you have created your ECAMS account, for every module purchase, you will be able to access your video upon successful payment.

For account that needs to be verified, you will receive a link sent to  your stated email.

Upon successful completion of your ECAMS Bitesize Online Courses, you will receive a digital copy of your Certificate of completion endorsed by ECAMS and the relevant course department.

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