Fellowship Program Policy



The Fellowship Program of the European College of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery (ECAMS) is dedicated to cultivating and advancing the professional development of medical doctors and surgeons in the field of aesthetic medicine. Our primary goal is to create leaders who are not only skilled in their medical practice but also excel in leadership roles within this dynamic and evolving field. By nurturing leadership qualities and facilitating opportunities for meaningful contributions, our program aims to positively impact the next generation of medical professionals. Our commitment is to offer a journey that is as unique as each fellow, recognizing the diverse backgrounds and expertise within the aesthetic medical community.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Professional Qualification: Applicants must be certified medical doctors or surgeons. Proof of qualification and current active practice license and malpractice insurance must be provided.

  2. Active Medical License: Maintaining an active and valid medical license is imperative for the duration of the fellowship. This requirement ensures that all fellows are in good standing in their professional practice.
  3. Commitment to Excellence: Candidates should demonstrate a commitment to professional growth and leadership development in the aesthetic medical field.

Program Structure and Personalization

  1. Individualized Pathways: Our program offers personalized learning paths that take into account the unique backgrounds and expertise of each fellow. This approach ensures that the fellowship experience is tailored to each individual’s level of knowledge and professional goals.

  2. Experiential Learning in Training: While our program may not have formal courses on teaching methodologies and leadership skills, fellows have the opportunity to learn these skills experientially. This is primarily achieved through assisting in training sessions and observing seasoned professionals in action. This method of “teacher influencing the next trainer” allows fellows to gain practical insights into effective teaching and leadership practices within the aesthetic medical field.

  3. Please be mindful that the fellowship program includes mandatory and elective hands-on training modules. It’s important to thoroughly review the terms and conditions, as all stipulations regarding these practical sessions will remain unchanged.

Respect for Fellowship Training Program

A key component of our fellowship is the emphasis on respecting and valuing the training process. Fellows are expected to engage deeply with the program, appreciating the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals and to contribute to the training of future practitioners. This respect and belief in our training approach are essential for a successful fellowship experience.

Expectations and Values

  1. Commitment to the ECAMS Mission: Fellows are expected to fully embrace the mission and vision of ECAMS. They should actively participate in creating a positive impact in the aesthetic medical community and embody the values of the college.

  2. Professional Integrity: Applicants and fellows must demonstrate a genuine interest in the fellowship beyond the monetary benefits. Those seeking admission solely for financial reasons, such as discounted fees, are not aligned with the program’s ethos and may be disqualified at any stage.

Application and Selection Process

  1. Submission of Credentials: Interested applicants must submit their medical qualifications, a statement of purpose, and any other required documents.

  2. Assessment of Suitability: Applications will be reviewed to assess the candidate’s alignment with the program’s mission, values, and objectives at any stage. This includes evaluating their commitment to professional development  and leadership in the aesthetic medical field during the fellowship training.

  3. Continuous Evaluation: Fellows will be continuously assessed throughout their journey in the program. This is to ensure ongoing alignment with the fellowship’s values and objectives.

Recognition and Professional Conduct

  1. Recognition of ECAMS: Fellows of the European College of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery (ECAMS) are expected to recognize and respect the role of ECAMS in their professional development. This acknowledgment is crucial in fostering a community of mutual respect and shared achievements within the aesthetic medicine field.

  2. Professional Conduct: Fellows must demonstrate professionalism in all their interactions related to ECAMS. This encompasses behavior during training sessions, public communications, and interactions with other fellows, faculty, and staff.

  3. Respect for the College and Fellows: Respectful behavior towards the college, its faculty, staff, and fellow participants is a cornerstone of our code of conduct. Deliberate non-recognition of ECAMS, or any form of disrespectful behaviour, is considered a serious violation and may have repercussions on the fellow’s status within the program.

Implementation and Enforcement

  1. Fair Assessment: Any allegations of non-compliance with this policy will be assessed fairly, considering the context and intentions of the actions.

  2. Consequences: Violations of this policy, particularly those deemed deliberate or severe, may result in disciplinary actions, including the possibility of termination from the fellowship program or withholding of fellowship titles and privileges.

  3. Appeals Process: Fellows have the right to appeal decisions made under this policy. An appeals committee will review such cases to ensure fairness and transparency.

Rationale and Importance

This policy is designed to uphold the dignity and reputation of ECAMS, ensuring that all fellows contribute positively to the collegiate atmosphere and uphold the values of the institution. Mutual recognition and respect are vital for a constructive and collaborative learning environment, essential to the success of our fellows and the institution as a whole.

Media and ECAMS media assets

At ECAMS, we encourage participants to share their training and course experiences on social media, adhering to guidelines that ensure respect, professionalism, and accurate representation of our programs.

  1. Mandatory Tagging and Consent for Live Models and Cadavers images: It is mandatory to tag ECAMS in posts featuring photographs or videos from training, especially those including live models or cadaver specimens. If unsure about consent rights, seek approval from ECAMS prior to posting.

  2. Responsible Representation and Feedback Process: Share experiences responsibly. Negative feedback or suggestions for improvements should be addressed via email to info@ecamedicine.com . Public negative feedback without prior consultation with ECAMS may lead to discontinuation from the fellowship program.

  3. Use of ECAMS-Provided Media: Any photographs or videos taken by ECAMS personnel or videographers during training, which are subsequently shared with participants, remain the copyright of ECAMS. Usage of these shared photos or videos must credit or tag ECAMS. This acknowledgment is essential to maintain the copyright and integrity of the material.

  4. Association with ECAMS: Ensure that posts truthfully and accurately reflect the program. Misleading content may lead to corrective actions.

  5. Accountability for Shared Content: You are responsible for the content you share. Consider the potential impact on the privacy of others and the reputation of ECAMS.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

Non-compliance with these guidelines, especially in cases of misrepresentation, defamation, or failure to follow the feedback process, will be taken seriously and may result in:

  • Formal requests for content removal.
  • Restrictions on participation in ECAMS community activities.
  • Discontinuation from the fellowship program.
  • Legal actions in severe cases of misconduct.


These guidelines are designed to ensure a respectful, accurate, and professional representation of ECAMS experiences on social media. Your cooperation is essential in maintaining the integrity and positive image of our institution.

For content approval requests or feedback submissions, please contact [info@ecamedicine.com].

Termination and Continuation Policy

Reserving Rights for Continuation or Discontinuation The ECAMS Fellowship Program reserves the right to allow the continuation or to discontinue a fellow’s participation in the program at any stage. This decision is based on a set of predefined criteria that ensure the integrity and objectives of the fellowship are upheld. These criteria include, but are not limited to:

  1. Professional Conduct and Performance: Continuation in the fellowship is contingent on maintaining high standards of professional conduct and performance. This includes adherence to ethical practices, active participation in program activities, and achieving set academic and professional milestones.

  2. Active Medical License: Fellows must maintain an active and valid medical license throughout their participation in the fellowship program. If a fellow’s medical license becomes inactive or is suspended in any country they are practicing in, their fellowship training will be terminated with immediate effect, regardless of their current stage in the training.
  3. Alignment with Fellowship Values: Fellows must consistently demonstrate alignment with the values and mission of ECAMS. A lack of commitment to these core principles, or actions that contradict them, may result in discontinuation from the program or title. 

  4. Consequences of Non-Compliance:
    • Termination of Fellowship Program: Deliberate non-recognition or disrespect may lead to termination.
    • Withholding of Fellowship Title: Failure to adhere to this code may result in withholding the title of ‘Fellow of ECAMS’.
  5. Opportunity for Improvement and Feedback: If issues are identified in a fellow’s conduct or performance, ECAMS will provide constructive feedback and, where appropriate, an opportunity for improvement. Fellows are expected to actively engage in this process and demonstrate tangible progress.

  6. Fair and Transparent Process: The decision to discontinue a fellow’s participation will follow a fair and transparent process. This includes a formal review, communication of concerns to the fellow, and an opportunity for the fellow to respond or address these concerns.

  7. Documentation and Compliance: All decisions related to continuation or discontinuation will be discussed within the respective department. The college is committed to ensuring fairness in all its actions.

  8. Consideration of Personal Circumstances: The college recognizes that personal and external circumstances can affect a fellow’s performance. These will be taken into consideration in any decision-making process, with the aim of providing appropriate support and flexibility where feasible.

Final Decision The final decision to allow the continuation or to discontinue a fellow’s participation rests with the college, taking into consideration the fellow’s overall performance, conduct, alignment with program values, and any other relevant factors. This decision is made with the utmost consideration for the integrity of the fellowship program and its objectives.