What is an Aesthrix star clinic?

Aesthrix Star is a global recognition and ultimate hallmark of excellence in aesthetic medicine and surgery. The stars conveys a clinic’s service based on three main areas of service quality, doctor/surgeon’s skills and experience as well as patient care and satisfaction. Clinics that have achieved the mark can be awarded one, two or thress stars and the accolate is much-coveted by clinics all over the world.

How are Aesthrix Stars awared?

Unlike paid advertising or reviews, Aesthrix Stars are not based on customer voices but on strict inspection and mystery checks by a panel of experts in the aesthetic industry as well as business leaders and entrepreneurs. No preferential treatment or biased marking as the judges who does mystery drop-in as patients and interview remains annoymous. Those who made the grade will be awarded and will be re-evaluated frequently. This means, they can lose their stars if they do not maintain their grade. At the same time, clinic can try to earn their lost stars back in the next judging round.

The judging criteria for all clinics focuses on service quality, doctor’s and staff training and experience and patients safety.

Quality Service

The level of service and engagement that any patient can expect throughout all touch points with the clinic. This includes approachability and communication, transparency, confidentiality as well as feedback systems in place.

Experience & Training

Knowing that the doctor and clinic are well-trained, certified and qualified in their specialised procedure is extremely important. To ensure that he/she is well-equipped with the knowledge and skills to perform the procedure safely and effectively. Further, doctor must be fully aware of all possible complications that may arise and be able to spot quickly and treat confidently. Thus, staying current in knowledge is a must for both doctors and staff, with the latest techniques, skills and devices to meet the changing demands of consumers.

Safety and Patient Care

You definitely do not want to choose a clinic that has very relaxed safety measures and protocols. Safety must be a priority in all procedures. While there are risk of complications or adverse event may still prevail,  doctors and staff must be fully equipped to carry out the right protocols. From equipment and maintenace to clinic’s turn around time and pre and post procedure follow up and care.

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