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With ECAMS unique teaching pedagogy and methodology, proven over the years, work alongside with our the world top experts who will guide and impart their knowledge and expertise. Refine your skills and empowering you with greater success in your aesthetic career!

  • Help you identify your areas of strength and work on your weakness.
  • Breakdown the fundamentals and identify areas or issues that are holding you back from progressing.
  • Provide you with critical and constructive feedback, put in place positive habits and practical steps to help you bring these changes to live!

Why do I need a coach? Or do I even need a coach to get better?

Many times, we think we know it all and if ” I just do more of it, I’ll get better eventually”. But take a moment to pause and think, are seeing progress? And if yes, how much? If no, why not?

Take an example.  How do professionals can to where they are? Why and how did they make it to the top? The answer is… they all had a coach. One who watches them intently, criticizing every move and habits and teaches them exactly what and how they can improve right to every precise movement. Even the smallest action could lead to a big change! And that’s how they get better every practice. While it may sound harsh, but in fact, it is the very secret to getting where they are right now. Often, we tend to overlook or are blinded to the issues that may be standing in our way, and even if you do recognize them, you don’t necessarily know how to fix them, and somewhere along the way, you stop improving.

“Identifying your strengths and your weaknesses isn’t about feeling good (or bad) about yourself. But a necessary process that will allow you to understand how you can be most effective at what you do, and where you’ll need to improve if you want to be successful”


“It is not how good you are now, but how great you are going to be..”

Take your skills to the next level and achieve a breakthrough with ECAMS Training.