Private Training


Personalized approach & Experience

Looking to begin a new skill or to expand and dive deeper in your area of specialty? ECAMS offers private training opportunities to work alongside world renowned experts in the field. 

hi-def male marking course

Customized & Individualized Attention

With the flexibility of accommodating and incorporating training into your busy schedule, experience undivided attention and individualized mentored instruction throughout your training experience in the privacy and convenience of your own practice or at one of our training facilities. 

Beyond skills Mastery

" It's about being better at what you are already great at"

Identify & overcome roadblocks while enhancing your areas of strength for improved results.

Breakdown the fundamentals, building it back up stronger & better that you can implement.

Personalized mentoring & training sessions with utmost focus, tips and advice for effective results.

"To be better and greater than who you are today"