M21-9 Botulinum toxins: Advanced indications and techniques



A popular procedure you won’t want to miss! As the demand for beauty and standards of treatment increases, physicians must constantly stay up to date with the latest treatments in order to meet the demand. In this session,  learn how to perform advanced botulinum toxins injections for advanced indications and techniques to achieve natural-looking results from the best aesthetic surgeons!

This module can be taken individually.
It is recommended that you complete all modules of the M21 series to ensure an in-depth level of understanding.

    • M21-1 Essential setup for fillers
    • M21-2 Non-surgical temples and forehead contouring
    • M21-3 Non-surgical periorbital rejuvenation
    • M21-4 Non-surgical cheek enhancement
    • M21-5 Non-surgical nose reshaping
    • M21-6 Non-surgical chin and jawline contouring
    • M21-7 Non-surgical 3D lip transformation
    • M21-8 Non-surgical 3D vectoring and facelifting
    • M21-9 Botulinum toxins: advanced indications and techniques