Face & neck lift Wand (Dilator)


ECAMS certified doctor who had already attended our hands-on training course M17 or M17b, please contact us directly for a €1000 off discount code.

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Patented design no.: No 007511753-0001/2
Minimum Requirement:
You must complete ECAMS face & neck lift hands-on training course, before you can purchase this. If you are not ECAMS certified, you must proof that you know how to use this instrument with our face & neck lifting techniques.
Benefits obtained when using sequential wands/dilators in facelift and necklift procedures:
    1. Faster and safer release of the soft tissues in the subcutaneous plane in the face and in the neck compared to scissor dissections.
    2. Minimal blood loss because the extent of  sharp dissections are limited.
    3. No need to completely dissect the neck because the skin can be moved, adhesions released, and the skin can be redistributed when the dilators are used.
    4. Blood vessels are preserved avoiding the need for extensive coagulation of vessels which often results in more edema, ecchymoses, and decreased blood supply to the flaps.
    5. Smokers can be treated without fear of loss of skin because the fascio-cutaneous perforators are left intact.
    6. Most commonly, drains are not required in the face and in the neck because the undermined areas are small which avoids a large dead space in which fluid can accumulate. The multiple tunnels, similar to liposuction tunnels do not require drainage.