Prof. Bahir-Edouard Elias

  • Prof. Bahir-Edouard Elias





    Dr Elias work as a senior consultant surgeon in the University Teaching Hospital of Besancon in France. He acheived Maître ès Sciences Médicales. (French equivalent of the Anglo-Saxon Professor degree).

    He is one of rare surgeons in the French National Medical Council with double board specialty certification:  Plastic, Esthetic and Reconstructive surgeon, the second certification is Orthopedic and Traumatologic surgeon. He is also Professor of Orthopedic, Traumatologic, Hand and Microsurgery in the General Medical Council of Egypt.

    Dr Elias has a double nationality Egyptian / French and fluent  Arabic – French – English Languages, this permits him to travel to many countries for humanitarian missions all over the world, for surgeries and lectures, especially in the field of surgical reconstruction after female genital mutilations FGM, and traumatic surgeries of the limbs. He is a visiting consultant surgeon for private and military hospitals in Egypt. He is a founder and volunteer coordinator of Hayat Medical Center dispensary (HMC). Egypt.

    Dr Elias is a holder of a university master degree in Medical and clinical hypnosis, and as a Member of International Societies for Sexual Medicine, part of his activities is counselling for psycho-sexual problems.

    Surgical procedures

    Women Genital Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

    • Clitoral, labial and hymen reconstruction after mutilations
    • Women plastic genital surgery and sexual aesthetics

    Orthopedic and traumatologic surgery

    • Highly complicated fractures bones and joints.
    • Primary and revision prosthesis of the hip and knee joints.
    • Joint arthroscopic surgery
    • Hand and Microsurgery
    • Foot and ankle esthetic, rejuvenation and functional surgery