Dr. Miriam Rehbein

  • Dr. Miriam Rehbein





    A board certified dermatologist and expert in anti-aging, skin diseases, skin resurfacing, wrinkle treatment, laser medicine and hi-def liposuction, known in TV and press, YouTube and Instagram.

    As a specialist in laser medicine and active skin regeneration, she treats and advises her patients from young to old in matters concerning anti-aging, collagen formation and skin metabolism. She is asked about the right anti-aging skin care on a daily basis. Dr. Rehbein has developed DOCTOR Mi! medical skincare as the ultimate answer.
    Dr. Rehbein is regularly interviewed on TV and in magazines about the latest beauty questions, cosmetics, OP methods and secret tips.
    Miriam Rehbein gives her patients and followers daily updates about her work on Instagram, answers questions and reveals important secrets on YouTube all about care, the latest treatment methods and beauty trends.
    Dr. Rehbein has completed continual medical training in many specialist areas since becoming a licensed medical practitioner, she has been training doctors herself since 2014 and is in high demand as a speaker at international medical conferences.

    • Licensed medical practitioner and graduated doctor at 25 years old
    • Specialist doctor for skin and sexually transmitted diseases
    • Trained doctor in aesthetic injection methods and laser technology
    • Working daily since 2015 in her own practice for her patients
    • Active for 7 years in hospital surgery and dermatology as a doctor
    • Known for treatment and injection methods which rejuvenate but do not cause alteration
    • An international speaker at conferences for aesthetic medicine and dermatology
    • Regularly attends international doctor training sessions
    • Specialist for laser medicine and Vaser high-definition liposuction
    • Gives patients daily updates of her work on Instagram
    • Runs a YouTube channel where she regularly clarifies facts and myths in aesthetic medicine
    • Creator of the Doctor Mi! medical skincare series Doctor Mi!