Regenerative Medicine: from growth factors to stem-cell injection

CME / CPD Accreditation and Globally Recognised Certification.

✅ Intensive & Comprehensive Hands-on training

✅ Trained by world-renowned experts in the field 

✅ In-depth theory and  live model training

✅ Tips, Tricks & Latest Protocols for best results.

✅ CME/CPD accredited. Globally recognised certification.

ECAMS Aesthetic Training Course in Regenerative Medicine: from growth factors to stem-cell injection (Stem-cell based therapy)

Personalised Hands-On Learning & Didactic Theory​

A comprehensive program designed for medical practitioners who want to gain expertise in the latest advancements in aesthetic regenerative medicine. This course is specifically designed to provide hands-on training in the use of growth factors and stem-cell injections for aesthetic purposes.

Participants will learn about the basic principles of regenerative medicine and the latest research in the field. The curriculum will cover the use of growth factors, platelet-rich plasma, and stem-cell injections for facial rejuvenation. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from expert instructors who are leaders in the field of regenerative medicine. They will receive hands-on training in a clinical setting, where they will be able to practice the latest techniques and gain valuable experience under the guidance of experienced professionals.

By the end of the course, participants will have gained a thorough understanding of the latest developments in aesthetic regenerative medicine and the practical skills needed to apply these techniques in their practice. They will be able to confidently provide patients with cutting-edge regenerative treatments that promote healing and rejuvenation safely and effectively.

✅ CME/CPD accredited training course
✅ Didactic lectures & theory training
✅ Intensive and personalised hands-on learning experience
✅ Rare opportunity to learn from the best experts in the field, their experience, knowledge and secrets to excellence.
✅ Globally recognised and certified by the European College of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery

Master course in regenerative facial aesthetic medicine: stem-cell based therapy.

Meet the trainer

ecams faculty - MASSIMILIANO

Prof. massimiliano Brambilla

Head of Department, Regenerative Medicine. ECAMS

Professor Max is a distinguished plastic surgeon and the head of the Regenerative Medicine Department at ECAMS. He graduated with honors in 1992 from Milan University, where he wrote a thesis on surgical correction of intersexual genitalia. In 1997, he specialized in Reconstructive Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery at Pavia University, focusing on complications in breast augmentation surgery. He spent most of his specialization period in the USA and Israel, honing his skills in genital surgery and breast surgery.

Since 1998, he has been in charge of Genital Plastic Surgery and Breast Reconstruction Surgery, as well as tissue rejuvenation surgery using lipofilling, PRP, and stem cells. He regularly collaborates with several hospital wards on a range of issues, including breast reconstruction after breast cancer surgery, genital malformations, and correction of complications after uro-gynecologic surgery.

He is also a reference point for the Italian Association of Plastic Surgeons and is also a member of ASPS, ISAPS, and ISPRES. He is a visiting professor of genital surgery at the universities of Milan and Nimes Montpellier (Fr). In the field of genital surgery, he has been invited as a guest speaker and travelling professor for over 10 years and asked to perform operations during international courses and congresses.

Professor Max has published many scientific papers and co-written five books, including the chapter about fatty tissue and genitals in Sydney Coleman’s book about lipofilling and tissue rejuvenation, which is considered a milestone in the field. He has also extensively used lasers and state-of-the-art technology in his practice. He performs aesthetic medical treatments using tissue rejuvenation or simple filling procedures and also uses fatty tissue in minimally invasive preparations (nano- and ultrananofatgraft) and PRP.

He is an expert in hyaluronic acid and botulin and is often invited to teach on that matter. With over 8,000 surgical operations certified in the public healthcare system, Professor Max is a leading expert in regenerative medicine, aesthetic and functional genital surgery, and breast reconstruction.

Our graduates have achieve amazing results!

“After attending so many courses, ECAMS training is still one of the best course I had ever attended.”
Dr. Torres
" A big step forward in my career! The information that you need gets shared in a very useful manner"
Dr. Terezia
"It helped me alot to give the best treatment and get the best results for my patients.
Dr. Raquel Bento

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