Module 3

Aesthetic Regenerative Injectables and Non-Surgical Body Transformation

Small group hands-on training . 2 days . Live models

  • Non-Surgical Facial Enhancement with D’Lift and Skin Renewal
  • ⁠Bio-Regenerative Injectable For High Performance Anti-Aging Results
  • Step By Step Comprehensive body Transformation
  • Synergizing PRP and Energy-Based Devices For Skin Rejuvenation
  • Wound Healing With Injectables And Energy-Based Devices And Ozone Therapy
  • Nano Fat Grafting And Advanced Bio-Stimulators
  • Selection Of Evidence-Based Energy-Based Devices For Your Practice

Elevate Your Practice with Cutting-Edge Techniques

Welcome to a transformative journey in aesthetic medicine. Our intensive Master Course offers an unparalleled opportunity for medical professionals to master the art of regenerative injectables and non-surgical body transformation techniques. Designed for immediate clinical application, this hands-on training program will revolutionize your practice and patient outcomes.

  • Unlock a year of unlimited, FREE access to this module online learning course! You can keep the learning journey going seamlessly with an active membership after the first year.
  • ⁠2 full days of hands-on training, price including live models and products.
  • Gain an edge with insights from top experts in the field, tailored for your professional growth and success. This unique opportunity is crafted to enrich your practice with expert knowledge and exclusive secrets.
  • Achieve prestigious recognition with a certification from the European College of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery, a globally esteemed institution in the field.
  • This module is part of the compulsory module of the Fellowship Programme in Aesthetic Medicine.

Course Highlights

Non-Surgical Facial Enhancement & Skin Renewal:
  • Tackle complex cases involving melasma and acne scarring.
  • Master the techniques for a comprehensive facial transformation.
Bio-Regenerative Injectable for High-Performance Anti-Aging Results:
  • Explore the top regenerative therapy injectables, including biofillers, exosomes, PRF, nanofat, and biocollagen stimulators, to maximize therapy results.
Comprehensive Body Transformation:
  • Learn to identify and treat various skin conditions, including cellulite, skin laxity, and more using enzyme therapy, biocollagen stimulators, nano-fat, threads and other biostimulators.
  • Master top regenerative therapies for cellulite, buttocks, arms, décolletage, scars, stretch marks, and non-surgical mummy makeovers.
Synergizing PRP and Energy-Based Devices for Holistic Skin Rejuvenation:
  • Dive deep into the selection process of the right Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) for different skin types and conditions. Learn the art of combining PRP with the most suitable energy-based devices, crafting tailored treatment plans to effectively address various skin rejuvenation challenges.
Wound Healing with Injectables and Energy-Based Devices:
  • Discover the synergy between injectables, energy-based devices, and ozone therapy for optimal wound healing and rejuvenation.
NanoFat Grafting and Advanced Biostimulators:
  • Delve into the nuances of nano fat grafting combined with biostimulators like PLLLA, PDLLA, PCLA, and more.
Selecting the Right Evidence-Based Energy-Based Devices:
  • Learn how to choose and invest in the most effective energy-based devices for your clinic.

Learning Immersion Experience

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2 Days Live Models Hands-On Training

Our course is structured to provide both theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience:

  • Facial Enhancement: 4 hours of theory, followed by 4 hours of practical, hands-on training.
  • Body and Face Transformation: 4 hours dedicated to theory, and 4 hours of hands-on application.



  • This comprehensive program is specially tailored for aesthetic doctors and medical professionals in the field of aesthetic medicine. It’s an exceptional fit for practitioners eager to expand their expertise beyond traditional fillers and Botox injections. Our course is designed for those passionate about incorporating a variety of non-surgical methods, including the latest in regenerative injectable techniques, to deliver outstanding results not just for facial treatments, but also for skin and body procedures. By participating, you will significantly broaden the range of services you can offer, enhancing your portfolio and providing your patients with a more diverse and holistic treatment experience.

Why Choose Our Course?


Immediate Clinical Application

Learn today, apply tomorrow. Our course is designed to equip you with skills that can be immediately integrated into your practice.


Expert Instructors

Learn from the best in the field – renowned practitioners who are pioneers in regenerative injectables.


Network Opportunities

Connect with like-minded professionals and expand your professional network.


Personalized Small Group Training

Benefit from an intimate learning environment with personalized attention, ensuring a deeper understanding and hands-on experience.

Learn from Esteemed Faculty in the Field

Dr. Dolly Fatsea

Dr. Dolly Fatsea

Senior Faculty, Aesthetic Medicine. MD . PhD. Dermatologist

Dr. Fatsea Theodora is a board-certified Dermatologist-Venereologist and one of the founding members of Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group (ABH Medical Group), where she works as the scientific coordinator of the dermatology department with many doctors from various specialties, giving her the advantage of 15 years of experience in the amazing field of Dermatology. Due to her extensive training and experience in all facets of dermatology, Dr. Theodora Fatsea is regarded as a reputable medical aesthetic specialist in Greece. She offers her patients competent, compassionate care while utilizing the most cutting-edge medical procedures.

As an associate editor and author for numerous cosmetic magazines, she also continues to be actively involved in medical research and education. She is also a frequent speaker on medical aesthetics topics, such as fillers, lasers, and other dermatology-related topics, at numerous dermatology conferences held all over the world. As a Senior Faculty member of the ECAMS Faculty, she also shares her expertise with other doctors, dedicated in nurturing the next generation of aesthetic leaders and raising the standards.

Elevate Your Professional Standing as a Fellow in Aesthetic Medicine

fellowship in aesthetic medicine

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