Module 18b - Master Course in Aesthetic Genital Surgery

Module 18: Excellent course. The faculty show us many cases and give us all the explanations. He is a very good teacher.

Dr Aristide Solidakis, Switzerland

Superb teaching by the faculty on the finer points of aesthetic genital surgery. Useful discussion on the psychological aspects of the cosmetic genital surgery patient.

Dr Eileen Fong, Malaysia

It was quite informative and beneficial course. I enjoyed it. Thanks.

Dr Huda Alzekri, Kuwait

Well done, really enjoyed, feel ready enthused and ECAMS module 18a&b may change my direction of career.

Dr Sachchidananda Maiti, UK

Master course in cosmetic vaginal surgery has given enough confidence to start cosmetic gynaecology practice as soon as I reach my country.

Dr Nilesha Chitre, India

Excellent course. The faculty show us many cases and give us all the explanations. He is a very good teacher.

Dr Aristide Solidakis, Switzerland

Module 17 - Face And Neck Lifting Including Ancillary Procedure For Panfacial Rejuvenation

Best educational course I have attended. Dr. Paul is a true expert of years of experience. His knowledge is wide and credentials impeccable. What was most impressive was his teaching style, very down to earth and easy to understood. 

I learned two techniques that will change my practice forever: 1) dilators 2) hydrodisseting thesmas 

I loved the ECAMS model and hope to someday become a Fellow. 


Arnold Almonte, USA 

Module 11b - Master course in ultrasound-assisted (VASER) body contouring and breast fat grafting

Excellent course. Well organised. Lectures should have some video clips of operations. Good teaching demo. Everybody very friendly.

Dr John Chelladurai, UK

I learnt about this course via internet. Wanting to enhance my knowledge on VASER applications. I was thrilled that Prof. Alberto DiGiuseppe was the trainer as I use his textbooks as reference for my practice. I attended the course and was not disappointed as Prof. DiGiuseppe provided good tips that I can put into practice.

Dr Sarah Concepcion, Australia

I am very appreciated to study this course. Prof. Alberto teach us clearly and easy to understand and more clear about liposuction. He is so kind and very good staff. I learn a lot about theory, all of new technique that it was different from my country. So it made me interested in this field more. Thank you so much, ECAMS, to make this course for us.

Dr Napaporn Thummaputtanakul, Thailand

Thank ECAMS for organising such fantastic courses as was their VASER liposuction and fat transfer. Thanks to Prof. DiGiuseppe for teaching and reinforcing us about possibilities of liposuction, mistakes, of this type of aesthetic surgery. The company for which I work brought VASER 2 machine and I did some procedure but had some mistake in my technique. I will improve my quality of my work after this course. Thanks to Pyn for organising such good course.

Dr Ondrejka Peter, Prague

I feel impressed to attend the liposuction course in Bologna. I think this course provides the useful information for liposuction and fat grafting. I feel confident after studying VASER and fat transfer to my practice. Thank you so much for ECAMS for arranging this course.

Dr Wutinam Sithipolvanichgul, Thailand

Module 11a - Master course in VASER Lipoplasty

This VASER course far exceeded my expectation. The trainer, Dr Prendergast is very knowledgeable, friendly and approachable! Course is very well organised. Pyn is very helpful and friendly. Truly a great course - hands-on. Will recommend it to everyone!

Dr Amanda Wong-Powell, UK

More than expected to have in 2 day hands-on course. Peter was so detailed kind of instructor and trainer. Thank God that I googled for VASER course and pointed out this course.

Dr Rania Said, Kuwait

I appreciate the effort done by Dr Peter and Miss Pyn. Their effort is fruitful and purish. Hope to see Peter again.

Dr Helmy, Bahrain

I am really thankful to Dr Prendergast and Pyn. She was really helpful and quite knowledgeable. Dr Prendergast is very knowledgeable, deligent, very meticulous in his work. All I can say he and Pyn are fabulous. I sincerely recommend this course to those who sincerely want to learn and dedicate more to cosmetics and aesthetic procedure.

Dr Jyotsna Kumari, UK

Module 12 - Master course in suture (thread) lifting techniques

One-Stitch Facelift Very enjoyable surgical course. Would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to perform threads and less aggressive face lifting. Very well presented.

Dr Ayman Aouad, Australia

One-Stitch Facelift. Excellent course, has exceeded my expectation> Gained a lot from the small group size. Enjoyed all aspect of course. Thank you for your hospitality. Would highly recommend it.

Dr Miriam Nicola, Australia

One-Stitch Facelift I attended the ‘One-Stich Facelift’ class conducted by Dr Prendergast in Dublin. I have a cosmetic surgery practice and there is a large demand in the ‘mini facelift’ concept in my area. I always wanted to train in this procedure. Dr Prendergast made it extremely easy to learn and understand, and I am confident because of this course that I will quickly master it. Thank you,

Dr Karen Soika, USA

Module 19 - Master course in Penoplasty

I thank ECAMS for arranging a beautiful course. My special thanks to the faculty for his excellent skills on this topic. The course was very nice for me.

Dr Rajesh Gawai, Bahrain

Thank you very much for everything.

Dr Aristides Arellano, Mexico

ECAMS has arranged a very comprehensive, hands-on practical intensive course. There was attention to detail in every aspect. I have enjoyed and also learned good education from an expert. I also am delighted for the ongoing 'after course' support which is being offered.

Dr Godbole, UK

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