“The recipe for success” A specialised field – Aesthetic breast surgery.

The changing trends of aesthetic breast surgery over the decades has called for continuous development in practice. To offer safe and effective outcomes and appropriate care which can only be delivered by a surgeon with sound knowledge and proper training. 

ECAMS department of aesthetic breast surgery provides comprehensive and customised training for doctors who will like to expand and focus on providing both primary and secondary breast augmentation. The department will be helmed by Dr Rolf Bartsch, an established surgeon in the field. He has dedicated his practice to aesthetic breast surgery and has developed his very own concept and techniques in order to perform what is medically achievable for his patients. And the outcome is amazing. 

“When you understand what you see, you also know how to treat it” – Dr Bartsch


Every breast is unique as with their wishes. “Cosmetic surgery is no longer just about simply enlarging the breast, but nowadays, it requires sensitivity, a sense of aesthetic paired with know-how” he added.

Dr Bartsch’s dedication, passion, experience and expertise will bring about greater success to all our delegates and take our training standards a notch higher. Fused with the cutting edge of science, the latest treatment methods and approaches will positively benefit every delegate who attends ECAMS courses.



About ECAMS 

ECAMS, a world-leading institute of aesthetic medicine and surgery have been providing the gold standards of accredited training to doctors all around the world and across all aesthetic practice such as aesthetic medicine, body contouring, facial surgery, genital rejuvenation, breast surgery and hair transplant. Bringing world-class faculty and high-quality training standards to doctors, delivering insights, tips and tricks that they need to address the most complex cases and overcome challenges. 

ECAMS provides training courses, fellowship programs, alumni, memberships and career development for aspiring aesthetic doctors and surgeons who want to grow and establish their careers. With over a thousand certified doctors and a global network of alumni and members are committed to becoming the standard of excellence.


ECAMS training with Dr Rolf

Due to the nature of breast surgery, trainings are conducted either on a one-to-one or extremely small group session. You may attend M13C or choose to complete your fellowship. Training sessions can be arranged on any Monday of the week. Contact us at info@ecamedicine.com or Book your slot here>

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