Your gateway to success – ECAMS fellowship, is it the right programme for me?

Are you an aesthetic doctor or surgeon looking to enhance your skills? Be trained by a reputable college and gain as much experience in the field? Then, the ECAMS Fellowship programme is for you. Read on to learn more about how the ECAMS fellowship begins and what happens at each stage.


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Stage 1: Compulsory module – building a solid foundation 

Begin with completing your compulsory module. 

Once you have chosen your area of speciality, your fellowship begins by attending and completing your first compulsory module. Most modules consist of a two-part learning structure – a theoretical portion and hands-on practical training. The theoretical portion may be delivered online or in-person while the hands-on will be taught in real-time and in person. For every module that you have completed, you will receive a Certification of Completion from the European College of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery including your cme/cpd hours. 

A key part that begins right at this stage is your logbook recording. You will begin to log every case that you have performed throughout your fellowship training.


Stage 2: Elective module – knowledge upon knowledge 

For most of the specialisation, there are usually elective modules that doctors may choose out of a list given. Elective modules are designed to complement the study in a way that benefits surgeons and doctors holistically in terms of their knowledge and experience. For example, a compulsory module for an aesthetic doctor specialising in injectables may choose between the modules such as Threadlift techniques or even a non-surgical aesthetic genital rejuvenation to enhance their learning and knowledge in additional non-surgical treatments.


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Stage 3: Clinical mentoring – becoming an expert

As the saying “You’ve got to learn from the best to be the best!” Clinical mentoring allows aspiring doctors like you, as part of the fellowship to have an opportunity to be under the mentorship of ECAMS’s renowned faculty. Through careful, detailed and critical judgement, they will watch you perform and identify your area of strengths and weaknesses. Demonstrate and impart their years of experience to you so that you can become better at what you do. Give your practical advice that you can implement right away in your very own clinic.

“ Even professionals need coaching. It allows you to break down what you have been doing great, refine each area and then put it back together stronger and better”


Stage 4: Achieve your award – Final assessment

There will be small milestones through your training. For example, your online examinations (following your online theory) and practical assessment during the hands-on. The final assessment for your fellowship may come in various forms. A review and feedback session will be included.

You can see how the ECAMS fellowship program is designed in a way that is progressive to ensure learning, catered to your level and personalised towards your learning objective as you work towards a successful career in the aesthetic industry. It is also attainable as each stage is not limited by a certain period. And with the support of the ECAMS Team, you will be able to enjoy a seamless learning journey.  Complete your hands-on course and be ECAMS Certified! Is it your gateway to a world of opportunities!

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